Considerations, Thoughts, and Opinions

This blog is based on considerations, thoughts and opinions on a range issues that either directly, indirectly, or the media would like us to think will have an impact on our lives. It also contains general observations on life that are personal to me or those close to me. Life can be extremely confusing in this day and age.


The Postman, Dewi Sant and the confusion of Early Spring.

On St Davids Day (Gwyn Ddewi) our postman arrived with a large double daffodil in his button hole. Our discussion identified that the large yellow daffodil so proudly displayed had been plucked from a roadside verge early on his round. Although the said daffodil was magnificent I believe only the little wild daffodil that is native to Wales is really appropriate to St Davids Day.  There seems to be a prolification of the cultivated variety in the roadside verges and gateways around the local lanes although I know of very few locations that the native wild variety can still be found. Our daffodils started to bloom in mid February much early than usual and now on the 1st April we still have a lovely display, although sadly all of the cultivated varieties that we have planted over the year.

Cultivated Daffodil

The month of March has seen often dramatic changes in weather with heavy snowfalls on the mountains during the early part of the month followed by some glorious warm weather and blue skies in the third week. It has been downhill again towards the end of the month with heavy rain and some high winds. One of the benefits of such variable weather is that it seems to encourage the wild birds to the feeders. These have included Great Tits, Goldfinches, Pied Wagtails, Great Spotted Woodpecker together with our regular visitors.

So the month started off with the magnificence of the postmans St Davids Day daffodil with nature then allowing us to experience so much in one month. What more could one ask for.




Starting our Vegetable Year

In the last week the greenhouse has been cleared and the frame, glass, and floor have been cleaned with Jeyes. All the seed trays and pots have been cleaned and submerged in Jeyes to ensure we are not carrying any disease into the new season. The potting shed has been cleaned with Domino the feral cat sitting on the top shelf in the back of the shed watching me toil. If the weather had been better I am sure he would have pardoned himself from my toil and headed out through the cat flap. Today the ice pellets hammered on the shed window panes acting as a deterrent to him vacating his snug sanctuary on the top shelf.

The First Stirring of Spring and the Hilda Murrell Diary’s

Daffodil (Narcissus)

Hilda Murrell nature diary’s often comes to mind when working in the garden surrounded by birdsong and plant life.

Unseasonable spring like temperatures have been experienced reaching 16c today. Different from the last couple of years that has seen higher than normal levels of rain. This has previously restricted the opportunity to get into the vegetable garden at this time of year. Always being the optimist with fork in hand I ventured into the vegetable garden to see if I could plant some raspberry canes. I was pleasantly surprised with the ground ideal for getting the raspberry canes planted. A good measure of manure was added to help them grow and fruit in the coming season. We are already seeing flowers blooming in the garden and hedgerows much earlier than in previous years.

Snowdrop (Galanthus)

Last autumn I acquired a copy of Hilda Murrell’s Nature Diaries edited by Charles Sinker. This lady was a well known rose grower and a leading authority on old fashion roses. She ran her family’s rose nursery in Shrewsbury and won numerous gold awards at the Chelsea, Shrewsbury, and Southport Flower Shows. She was an avid diarist and this book makes fascinating reading. It has drawn me to take a greater interest in her life and writings.

Her diary’s give an insight into the climatic changes that have taken place in the last fifty years. It is interesting to note the reductions in bird and wildlife that has also taken place in the same period.


Hilda would probably have remained just a well known figure in floral circles. However in March 1984 she became familiar to a different public following her much publicised murder. Much controversy still surrounds her murder with many thinking her killers have never been brought to justice. Their identity remaining part of the unsolved mystery.

Hilda was an active objector to nuclear energy, in both its military and civil aspects. Theories put forward link her death to the fact that she had just had approval to present to the Sizewell Inquiry as an independent objector. At the inquiry she was going to give a damning critique of the Governments White Paper on radioactive waste management.  She had also made herself unpopular in some circles with her views that conflicted with the governments account of the sinking of the Belgrano and her nephews naval involvement in the Falklands War.

Hilda Murrell had a deep concern for the countryside and wildlife in Britain especially the Welsh Marches. She made regular visits to North Wales and her diary’s give an interesting insight into the countryside and wildlife from 1961 to 1983. Her ability to blend accuracy with poetry gave word-pictures of fascinating precision reverberating with truth. The following description is one that many will have shared during those magical moments when the nocturnal display of night blend with the magic of the mountains.

“The marvels continued after dinner, when a huge moon came up and over the shoulder of the Carnedds and floated behind an openwork fabric of cirrus cloud. The band where the moon was moved crossed it darkly with silver heavens behind: above and below, the tones were reversed and the clouds were ice-flows on blue-black depths. Below again was a solid band of softer cloud, dove-coloured  like the mountains, and the moonshine across the water” 

Her diary’s make delightful reading for anyone who is interested in nature and cares deeply for the world about us.


The Refugee Crisis its a Crazy World

The Refugee Crisis its a Crazy World

There is a lot of controversy on the governments decision not to allow more unattended children into the UK. I understand that as a right thinking person I should see this as a wrong decision. We are not talking about children in refuge camps on the Syrian border. The UK government recognise these as “at risk” and continue to take a number of these, more than any other European country. We are talking about children already in European countries. As a right thinking person should I understand that children living with our European neighbours are not safe? Why should the UK be any safer than France, Germany, Netherlands or other European countries.

As a right thinking person should I not consider that by taking these children it will only encourage more children to attempt the journey with them being put at risk by criminal gangs trafficking them through Europe to the Channel Ports?

These children are going to need foster care on top of our councils commitment to find foster placements for those we are taking from the Syrian Border. It is already often difficult to find foster placements for our own child population in the UK where are all these new foster homes going to come from?

Before long these “children” will be beyond foster age. At present we often cannot offer the right level of support to children coming out of foster what will we be able to offer these “children” at this stage of their journey into adulthood? Who is going to pay, we are already told we do not have the money to properly fund the NHS, Education, The Prison Service,Council Services, Roads etc.

As a right thinking person I am also supposed to welcome refugees into our country. These are people that have already travelled through a number of safe European countries to get to the Channel Ports. The argument is put forward that we did the same in 1939 for the persecuted Jewish population of Europe. But hang on a minute at that time Europe was an unsafe place with the rise of Nazi Germany so we were probably the first safe haven. Also at that time our population was 41 million, it is now 63 million.

With a population of 63 million we have :- A housing crisis, Serious transport congestion, Prisons at bursting point, Hospitals that cannot cope, Councils that cannot cope, and an Infrastructure at breaking point. We are only a small island we cannot build more land.

We urgently need a plan to cope with our already ever increasing population, we owe this much to our children. As a right thinking person should I not consider that having even more people coming to this country we will create even greater problems.

Because of the democratic system we live in no government plans further than five years ahead, which is why we have no long term planning for anything, think about it. At the start of a five year term in office government will make unpopular decisions, by mid term that will start to make popular decisions in an attempt to bribe us into voting for them again. Just plaster over the cracks for another five years.

Perhaps as right thinking people we should take the longer view and base our right thinking views on what our heads tell us and not our hearts.