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With our interests we have sites that we visit regularly, and are of interest to us. There are probably other sites which we have not yet found that would be of interest to us, and other people that visit our site. If you know of other sites of interest that we could include, please leave details on our home page contact. These links are in addition to those on our other pages.

Johns' Allotment Growing Informative and friendly allotment website with a good forum. John is a very knowledgeable and friendly chap.

Donald Perkins Weather and Garden Website The inspiration for me to set up my site. Comprehensive articles on weather, gardens, and wild life, with many interesting links.

Wildlife Trust. An informative site on local wildlife in North Wales

Cairngorm Wanderer Niel Reid has been climbing and exploring in the Cairngorm Mountains for over 40 years. He is an active member of the Mountain Bothy Association and the Mountaineering Council of Scotland. He maintains a very interesting blog and well worth a visit to learn more about this majestic area of the Highlands of Scotland.

Met Office. The Met Office Website excellent weather site. Latest weather for the Conwy Valley.