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Weather Station.

Following a period of severe weather in North Wales in January 2005 we decided to purchase a weather station to allow us to monitor the weather conditions at our rather exposed location 247mts above sea level.

After obtaining advice from a number of sources, we decided on a Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 station with a Weatherlink Data Logger from Prodata Weather Systems who we found very helpful. The station proved reliable in the short term although we had a couple of problems with water ingress into the control unit. In the longer term the Station has proved unreliable at times particularly with reed switch problems in the anemometer, stopping us recording reliable data. After addressing these problems we hope in 2012 to be able to record more reliable data.

At the end of January 2012 the Vantage Pro was replaced by a Vantage Vue, as the Pro continued to be unreliable. The Vue is connected to a WeatherlinkIP datalogger so that current weather date can be upload to the internet

April 2005 snowfall at weather station

Our ISS Unit is mounted in an exposed location at the rear of our property. This unit collects the outside weather data. It houses a rain collector, temperature sensor, and humidity sensor. The unit is solar powered and sends its data via a low power radio link to a console indoors. The anemometer, which measures wind speed and direction, is mounted on the ISS Unit, which does effect the quality of wind data collected, as its elevation is such that the date tends to be on the conservative side. I do intend to fit a seperate anemometer in a more exposed location in due course.






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