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March 2006.

Overview of Month The coldest month of 2006. Mean Max 6.2c, Mean Min 1.3c, Mean 3.6c. Highest Temp 11.7c recorded on the 26th, Lowest Temp -5.3c recorded on the 3rd, which was also the lowest temp so far recorded for 2006. A temp below 0c was recorded on 13 days, which was also a record for 2006. Rainfall was 96.6mm compared with 47.8mm in March 2005.

sunrise at weather station

1st/2nd Light snowfalls on the 1st with larger accumulations falling overnight to the 2nd. Six inches of laying snow by 11.00hrs on the 2nd following heavy frequent snow showers. Temperature remained below zero over whole period. Lowest temperature recorded -3c at 06.00hrs on the 2nd with a wind chill in the same period of -8c at 05.30hrs, with winds of 24mph WNW. Sunny intervals by 15.30hrs on the 2nd, with clearing sky's. 2nd/3rd Overnight, severe frost under clear sky. Temperature low -5c at 0600hrs, with a wind chill of -7c. Barometer reading 994mb. With high pressure continuing to dominate out to the west of the UK, and low pressure to the east, we continue in a northerly airstream. By 0930hrs clear skies with sunshine and thawing of snow, but temperature remaining below freezing point. Heavy snow showers returned by 16.30hrs adding to the laying snow. 3rd/4th Intermittent snow showers continued overnight with 5" laying snow in meadow at 08.00hrs. Lowest overnight temp -5c at 01.00hrs, with a windchill of -7c. Daytime, clear skies and sunshine with a top temp of 3c at 13.00hrs, with a slow thaw in the sunshine. Further light snow showers between 16.00 and 17.00hrs with temp dropping to 1c and windchill of -2c. Light WNW throughout period 4th/5th Clear overnight with temp dropping to 0c at midnight, windchill -3c, wind 11mph WNW. Gradual thaw in sunshine during morning, with a max temp 4c at 13.30hrs, occasional snow showers towards late afternoon, becoming heavy towards evening. 5th/6th Light snow showers overnight, temp low 0c at 00.30hrs w/chill -2c wind westerly. Daytime, continual slow thaw with sunny periods, max temp 4c at 15.00hrs, barometer rising throughout period to 1016mb at 19.00hrs. 6th/7th The temp has remained above freezing throughout the period, with a general thaw of the lying snow. Intermittent rain from 0230hrs onward with 6.4mm falling by 18.00hrs. Majority of snow melted except in northern facing hollows by same time. Looking across towards the Carneddau Mountains a rapid thaw was taking place below the cloud base at 2400ft. Temperature continuing to rise throughout the period to 7c at 18.00hrs. Barometer dropping throughout period to 999mb at 18.00hrs.

March 2006 snowfall in meadow, with beehives overwintering

7th/8th Dry overnight with temp remaining above 9c, leading to continual thawing of remaining snow by 08.00hrs. Temp remained around 8c, daytime, with rain from 07.30hrs-08.00hrs (0.20mm). More persistent rain from 11.00hrs-13.00hrs (1.2mm), heavy persistent rain from 16.00hrs, leading to a total rainfall of 8.2mm for period 00.01hrs to 19.00hrs. Poor visibility down to 300metres due to hill fog. Barometer 993mb @ 19.00hrs. 8th/9th Temp low overnight 4c @ 05.30hrs. Dry night with barometer dropping over period to 987mb @ 19.00hrs. Heavy periodic rain showers from 13.30hrs, with wind speeds increasing from 14.30hrs, with gusts to 32mph by 18.30hrs. Over the weekend it is expected that mild atlantic weather pushing across the UK will meet colder air moving from the east. With the colder air feeding in from the east on Friday, and an active low pressure system heading towards the Uk there is the possibility of further wintry weather over the high ground in North Wales. 9th/10th Temp low overnight 3c @ 03.30hrs. Continuous rain between 08.30hrs @ 11.30hrs, with further intermittent rain during afternoon and evening, total rain from 00.01hrs to 20.00hrs 6.2mm. Temp at 20.00hrs 3c with a windchill of 0c. Windy throughout period with peak gust of 35mph @ 05.30hrs mainly westerly. Pressure rising throughout period to 1003mb @ 20.00hrs. Walked up Moel Siabod in Snowdonia today (2849ft ASL). Heavy sleet showers to 2200ft, with strong westerly winds, from there to the summit heavy snow showers, with strong winds, snow frozen underfoot for last 200ft. On the journey home I noticed that more snow had fallen above 2000ft on the Carneddau. 10th/11th Low temp overnight 3c @ 03.00hrs. Wind turned from westerly to easterly @ 02.00hrs. Rain between 00.30hrs and 01.30hrs 1.2mm. Dry during day with sunny intervals during morning with a max temp 5c @ 13.00hrs, before clouding over. Temp @ 21.30hrs 1c with w/chill -3c. Max wind speed for day 15mph @ 20.00hrs. Pressure rising throughout period to 1020mb @ 21.30hrs

Garden in winter guise

11th/12th Heavy snow showers overnight with temp of -2c @ 07.30hrs with a windchill of -8c. Temp @ 21.00hrs 1c with w/chill of -2c. Some thawing of laying snow during day, wind mainly SE throughout period with gusts to 25mph, very cold wind. Sleet and rain between 14.30hrs @ 19.30hrs with a total of 3.4mm of precipitation. Barometer reading at 21.00hrs 1019mb steady. The present models show a further period of cool unsettled weather in the coming week. 12th/13th Continual slow thaw with snow now only laying on north facing slopes and hollows. Looking across at the Carneddau snow is still lying above 2600ft, with a good covering on Foel Fras. Low temp during period 0c @ 02.00hrs, with a windchill of -3c. Today's high 2c @ 17.00hrs with windchill of -2c. Windy throughout day from the SSE with a max gust 25mph @ 08.00hrs. Pressure dropping slowly to 1013 @ 19.30hrs. Rain/sleet today 3mm since midnight. Cold air from the east remains across the UK due to a large high pressure area over Scandinavia, whilst warmer moist air tries to move in from the west. This weather front is leading to snow showers over eastern parts of the UK, and the possibility of further snow over North Wales later in the week. 13th/14th Low temp 3c @ 01.30hrs. Temp high 8c @ 12.00hrs. High wind speed 25mph @ 01.30hrs wind direction during period W/SW. Rain between 03.00hrs and 04.00hrs with a total rainfall of 1.2mm. Clearing skies from day break with sunshine to 12.15hrs then clouding over. Pressure 1014mb @ 20.30hrs. The high pressure area over Scandinavia is expected to push westward over Greenland and the North Atlantic, and with low pressure dominating the eastern part of the UK, cold north to northeasterly winds can be expected to filter south across the UK in the coming days.

Snowfall in winter

14th/15th Temp high 7c @ 00.01hrs. Temp low 0c @ 21.00hrs. Temp dropped from 08.00hrs with wind changing direction from WNW to East, hill fog from daybreak, visibility down to 300mts clearing by 09.00hrs. Pressure rising over period to 1024mb @ 21.00hrs. Wind gusting high to 23mph @ 21.00hrs, with average wind speed of 9mph at same time. 15th/16th Cold overnight temp to -2c @ 06.30hrs, with snow flurries W/chill -6c at same time, with an average wind speed of 6mph gusting to 12mph. Snow showers throughout the day, some heavy. Temp around 0c for most of the day, temp 1c @ 2115hrs, with a w/chill of -4c. Wind easterly throughout day, 9mph @ 21.15hrs. Pressure 1027mb. 16th/17th Temp remained around 0c from midnight onward. Snow grains fell throughout the day till 16.00hrs. Hill fog led to visibility down to 200mts to 11.00hrs. W/chill -4c to -6c throughout day, wind light ESE. Pressure 1024mb @21.30hrs. 17th/18th Min temp @ 02.00hrs 0c with W/chill -5c at that time. Top temp today @ 15.30hrs 4c, W/Chill 0c. High wind @ 08.30hrs 27mph ESE. Sunny spells from 15.00hrs with clear skies at sunset with temp dropping to 2c @ 19.00hrs W/Chill -1c. Pressure 1019mb at same time. The forecast for the next few days remains a wintry theme. This is in marked contrast to the same period last year, when 21c was recorded on the 19th at Trawscoed, Ceredigion, and 20c at Valley Angelesey on the 20th. 18th/19th The 19th produced the highest temperature of the month so far of 7c @ 11.30hrs. Temperature low for period at 05.00hrs of 1c. Pressure at 21.30hrs 1014mb steady. Sunny morning, clouding over in the afternoon. There is still snow lying in the hollows of the fields, and looking across at the Carneddau mountains snow is still evident above 2900ft. Cold air is expected to dominate the weather for the coming week. With high pressure to the North West, and low pressure to the North East cold air will drift southwards, with high pressure expected to dominate by mid week, leading to good sunny spells, but chilly by night.

Looking east from weather station

FROM TODAY THE RECORDS RELATE TO THE 24hr PERIOD 00.01 - 23.59hrs FOR THE DATE LISTED.. 20th. Cloudy day, with a brisk easterly wind. Drizzle between 08.00hrs and 09.00hrs giving .40mm of rain. Min Temp 1c @ 23.30hrs, Max Temp 4c @ 14.00hrs. Wind Chill remained below 0c throughout period ranging between -1c and -2.5c. Wind easterly average wind speed 8mph max gust 22mph @ 12.00hrs. Pressure steady at 1011mb @ 00.30 hrs - 1012mb @ 23.230hrs. 21st Cloudy day, remaining cold with ENE winds. temp low over period -1c @ 23.30hrs, temp high over period 3c @ 14.30hrs. W/chill below 0c for whole period, ranging from a low of -5 @ 06.30hrs, high @ 0c @ 14.30hrs. Wind Speed average 5mph, max gust 16mph. Pressure steady throughout period 1011mb. Looking across to the Carneddau, snow was still evident above 2600ft, the summits remaining in cloud for most of the period. Foel Fras appeared to have a significant amount of snow on the upper slopes. 22nd Woke this morning to the red glow of the sun rising in a clear sky. Skies remained clear with sunshine throughout the day. Temp low today -3c @ 06.00hrs, today's high 6c @ 15.30hrs. Wind Chill low -5c @ 06.30hrs Wind Chill high 4c @ 15.00hrs. Barometer reading dropping slightly over period from 1011mb @ 00.30hrs to 1009mb @ 23.30hrs. Wind ESE till 16.30hrs then veering to Southerly. Light winds throughout period. 23rd. Cold overnight with clear skies temp dropping to -2c, with a wind chill of -2.5c. Winds light, moving round from SSW to SE during the early hours returning to the SE by 10.00hrs. Barometer falling from 1008mb @ 00.30hrs to 991mb by 23.30hrs as an active low pressure system moved in from the south west. Sunshine with a cool breeze till lunchtime with a max temp of 5.2c, then thickening cloud ahead of the active low pressure area, with winds gusting to 25mph by 23.30hrs

Flooding of farmalnd in the Conwy Valley March 2006

24th Low cloud and intermittent drizzle for most of the day. Still snow on the higher levels of the northern Carneddau, although the peaks remained in cloud throughout the day. With the wind moving round from the east to the southwest we recorded the highest temperature so far this year, at this location of 10.4c @ 14.00hrs. Min temp during period 2.3c @ 05.30hrs, with a w/chill of -3.2c, and wind speed of 17mph, gusting to 28mph easterly at same time. 1mm of rainfall recorded between 05.30hrs and 07.30hrs, with a further shower of rain @ 13.45hrs. Wind easterly in direction till 13.30hrs then SSW for rest of period, with temp of 8c @ 23.30hrs. Pressure remained fairly steady throughout period @ 983mb - 985mb. 25th Clear skies and sunshine till 10.00hrs then increasing cloud and rain by 16.30hrs. Pressure dropping to 990.9mb by 23.30hrs. Winds increased from the WSW from 19.30hrs gusting to force 6 by 22.30hrs. Temp high 10.9c @ 12.00hrs, temp low 7.3c @ 04.30hrs. The high peaks across on the Carneddau remained in cloud, although the summit of Drum was visible from time to time. Very little snow was evident on Drum, but the higher slopes of Foel Fras appeared to still have a covering of snow. 26th With an active warm weather front moving eastward from the SWest, the morning started off cloudy with S/westerly winds gusting to force 5. Min temp 8.7c @ 03.00hrs, Max temp 11.7c @ 14.30hrs. Rain from 15.30hrs, heavy between 16.30hrs - 17.30hrs. rain continued throughout evening with a total rainfall 0f 7.2mm. Total for month 73.8mm Pressure 986.9mb @23.30hrs 27th Rain overnight and continued throughout the day with the occasional sunny interval. 7.4mm of rain during period. Winds increased during evening with gale force 8 at 23.00hrs S/westerly. Temp high 10.2c @ 03.30hrs Temp min 7.5 @ 22.00hrs. Pressure 978mb @08.00hrs. The Met Office have issued a Regional Flash Weather Warning for Conwy and Gwynedd period 23.27hrs on the 27th to 18.00hrs on the 28th. 25mm of rain expected widely on the hills, and as much as 50-60mm locally, and this could lead to local flooding.

The Conwy River flowing through the  bridge at Llanrwst

28th. 09.00hrs 3.4mm rain since midnight. Current temp 6.6c Winds gusting to force 7 SW. Pressure 985.2mb. 18.00hrs 8mm of rain since 00.01hrs, heavy rain between 15.00hrs - 16.00hrs, windy gusting to gale force 8 at times, average temp during day 7c with a w/chill of 2c. Pressure 990.7mb, a flood warning has been issued for the Conwy Valley. Rain cleared at 20.00hrs, rain total for period 8.2mm. Wind high gust for period 42mph. Max temp 7.4c @ 11.30hrs Min temp during period 4.1c @ 22.00hrs. Pressure rising through period to 995.3mb @ 22.00hrs. 29th Cold overnight with clear skies. Sunny spells with light winds, temp high 9c @ 17.30hrs, temp low 1.6c @ 05.00hrs, w/chill -1.1c at same time. Pressure rising to 1000.4mb @ 11.00hrs, then dropping to 987.2mb at 23.59hrs. Winds increased, gusting to force 7 @ 23.59hrs. Raining heavily from 22.30hrs with 2mm rain by midnight. 30th Heavy rain with winds gusting overnight to force 8, 5mm rain from midnight to 02.30hrs, with further rain @ 08.00hrs, pressure 984.2 at same time. Light rain and mist during the morning, clearing by 14.00hrs, with sunny spells during the afternoon. Pressure remaining constant during period with 987.8mb @ 21.00hrs. Further light rain during early evening. Total rainfall during period 6mm. Temp high 9.9c @ 16.00hrs, Temp low 1.6c @ 03.30hrs. At present we are in a constant cycle of low pressure systems pushing into the UK from the south west, leading to continued unsettled weather over the next few days, with flooding becoming an increasing risk. 31st Sunny intervals during morning, with squally showers setting in after lunch, 1mm rain between 13.30hrs and 14.00hrs, with winds gusting to force 6 wsw. Further rain late evening, total rainfall for period 2.6mm, max temp 10.1c @ 17.00hrs min temp 6.8c @ 07.00hrs. Pressure rising to 997.9mb @ 13.00hrs, then falling to 993mb by 23.30hrs.


April 2006.

A Conwy Valley garden showing the first signs of Spring

Overview of month Mean max 10.6c for 2006, slightly down on 2005 at 11.1c Mean min 4.2c 2006, compared with 3.7c in 2005. Mean 7c in 2006 compared with 7.6c in 2005. April 2006 was a drier month than April 2005 with 52mm of rain on 9.6days compared with 83.6mm on 13days. This surprised me as I felt that April 2006 was significantly cooler than 2005 as the early flowering plants bloomed later, and the hedgerows greened up later.


1st Heavy intermittent rain showers overnight 2.6mm by 06.30hrs. Sunny intervals during day with winds gusting to force 7, with further heavy showers between 10.00hrs and 11.00hrs. Further rain late evening. Temp high 9.7c @ 14.30hrs, Temp Low 4c @ 05.30hrs with a w/chill of -0.5c at same time. Rainfall for yesterday 4mm, pressure 996mb @ 23.30hrs. Day for planting new shrubs which we took full advantage of, also the Osprey has returned to Wales, details on monthly observation page. 2nd Rain and WNW winds gusting to force 7, temp @ 14.30hrs 6.2c, with a w/chill of 1.8c. Hill fog by 14.50hrs restricting visibility to 200mts, clearing by 16.30hrs, rainfall by same time for period 5.6mm. High Temp 7.5c @ 10.00hrs Temp Low 5.2c @ 17.30hrs Pressure dropped to 991mb @ 11.00hrs as a secondary low moved southeasterly from the Isle of Man across North Wales, rising quickly to 1007.3mb by 23.30hrs. Total rainfall for period 9.6mm. 3rd Rain from 00.01hrs to 02.30hrs with 4.4mm of rain. Chilly start to the day with sunny intervals. Temp high 8.5c @ 14.30hrs, Temp low 1.6c @ 00.01hrs. Windy to 16.30hrs with gusts to force 6 @ 15.30hrs. Pressure rising to 1018.9mb @ 23.30hrs. 4th With high pressure moving in from the west of the UK, and low pressure to the east we are in a phase of cooler but sunnier conditions. Clear skies and sunshine, but a cold wind. Snow was visible on Carnedd Llewellyn, and it looks as if some snow had fallen overnight on the higher peaks. Pressure rising to 1020mb at mid day, winds light mainly from the NE, gusting to 12mph at times. Temp high 5.4c @ 13.00hrs, Temp low -0.1c @ 22.30hrs. no rain during period. Rising flood water is causing problems across Central Europe, with more heavy rain expected. Worst hit areas are Hungary, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. In Budapest the Danube has risen to a record level of 8.48mts, and is expected to peak at 9.4mts. Thousands of people are struggling to maintain flood defences. Eight cities in Germany have been affected with 1,300 people being evacuated. In Austria a second dam has burst this week. There are concerns with more rain expected and the continual melting of snow at higher levels that further flooding will occur. 5th With clear skies temp dipped to -1.5c overnight, with evidence of a ground frost by day break. The frost cleared quickly once the sun rose. Clear skies with long spells of sunshine, feeling warm out of the wind. Winds gusting to force 5 in the early hours, but averaging 6mph during daytime. Pressure 1017.1mb @ 08.30hrs, dropping to 1012.7mb @ 23.59hrs. With excellent visibilty throughout the day, it was evident that the snow on the higher peaks was thawing with only pockets left in the gulleys and hollows by 18.30hrs. 6th Windy overnight with gusts to force 4, pressure dropping to 1008mb by 08.30hrs, overnight wind chill of 1.6c nwn, no ground frost, although feeling cold in the wind. Cloudy with sunny intervals Pressure remained steady throughout period to 1009.4mb @ 23.30hrs. Brisk westerly wind throughout morning gusting to force 6 @ 11.00hrs. Temp high 8.7c @ 11.30hrs, Temp low 3.3c @ 21.30hrs, W/chill keeping temp down to 1.6c @ 12.30hrs. Rain from 17.00hrs to 18.00hrs and again from 19.30hrs to 20.30hrs, Total rainfall for period 3.8mm. 7th Mainly cloudy with sunny intervals. Windy with winds gusting to force 7 at times westerly. Temp dropped quickly from 5.1c to 1.5c between 23.00hrs and 23.30hrs with a wind chill of -2.4c. Pressure dropped during afternoon to 998.6mb @ 23.30hrs. Rain from 20.00hrs with 3mm by 23.59hrs. Temp high 9.2c @ 11.30hrs. 8th Temp dropped in the early hours to -0.5c with w/chill of -3.2c. Intermittent snow showers from 04.00hrs to 06.00hrs leaving a light covering of snow on the grass. Mainly cloudy with a few sunny periods, snow melted by 10.00hrs. Heavy sharp ice pellets showers setting in from 11.00hrs clearing by 16.00hrs. Skies clearing from 18.00hrs. Windy throughout day gusting to force 7 @ 13.30hrs with a windchill of -3.6c. Temp high 7.4c @ 13.00hrs, Temp low -0.5c @ 01.00hrs. Total rainfall/ice pellets 4.2mm. 9th Morning cloudy with shower ice pellets @ 11.00hrs. Then clearing and sunny spells during afternoon. Temp high 7.3c @ 15.00hrs Temp Low 1.8c @ 23.30hrs. Wind mainly westerly and light. Pressure rising to 1016mb @23.30hrs. 10th. Temp dipping in clear skies overnight to -1c, with light winds. Ground frost evident by dawn. Pressure rising to 1020mb @ 07.30hrs with light northwesterly winds. Good periods of sunshine throughout the day, and clear skies after dusk. Temp high 8.2c. Still snow visible on the mountains. 11th. Clouding up overnight with wind increasing to force 7 @ 06.00hrs, and pressure dropping to 1008mb @ 07.30hrs. Rain from 07.30hrs heavy rain at times during morning and windy gusting to force 7 @ 08.30hrs. Pressure dropping to 1004.3mb at 12.00hrs then rising to 1008.5mb @ 23.59hrs. Rain clearing at 12.00hrs with sunny periods and light winds during afternoon, with clear spells after dusk. Temp high 11.2c @ 14.30hrs Temp low 3.7c @ 00.30hrs.

The first Bluebells in the meadow April 2006

12th Rather cloudy, with some clear periods after dawn with winds to 16mph. Sunny intervals by day, late evening winds increased to force 6 westerly @ 23.30hrs Temp high 10.9c Temp low 4.2c @ 02.30hrs, temp dropped to 5.2c @ 18.00hrs, rising again to 9.3c @ 23.30hrs as a front associated with high winds moved across North Wales. 13th Temp high 11.9c @ 15.30hrs, Temp low 6.3c @ 08.30hrs. Winds gusting to force 7 during the early hours, with heavy rain between 08.00hrs and 10.00hrs, giving a total of 2.4mm of rain. Less cloudy later with some sunny intervals, and skies clearing by dusk to give a clear moonlit night. Pressure 1006.8mb @ 17.30hrs. 14th Mainly clear skies with sunshine, a really nice spring day with warm sunshine. Good visibilty across to the mountains with most of the snow melting on the higher peaks during the day. Pressure rising during day to 1009.1mb at 22.00hrs. Temp high 11.6c @ 16.00hrs, Temp low 4.9c @ 21.00hrs. Another night of clear skies and moonlight. 15th Clouding up during early hours with rain shower at @ 5.45hrs. Skies clearing by 07.00hrs with mainly clear skies and good sunny intervals, and warm in the sun. Clouding up by mid afternoon, but further clear intervals after dusk Temp High 13.3c @ 12.30hrs. Temp Low 5.6c @ 06.30hrs. Winds light SW. Pressure 1003.3 @ 23.30hrs. 16th Dry but cloudy with a few sunny intervals throughout the day. Temp high 11.6c @ 15.30hrs, Temp low 6.8c @ 09.30hrs. Winds to force 5 @ 00.01hrs westerly. Pressure 1003.1mb @ 23.30hrs. 17th Woke up to a windy morning, Wind force 7 westerly @ 09.00hrs. Less windy by lunchtime, with intermittent light showers into the early part of the afternoon. Some sunny intervals, but mainly cloudy. Temp high 9.5c @ 11.00hrs, Temp low 5.8c @ 03.30hrs. Pressure 1009mb @ 23.30hrs. Total rainfall this month 36.8mm. 18th Cloudy morning with heavy intermittent showers, giving 2mm of rain. A few sunny intervals during the afternoon, but clouding up with further light rain by evening. Temp high 10.7c @14.30hrs, Temp low 5.6c @ 05.30hrs. Winds mainly light westerly but gusting to force 5 in heavy morning showers. Pressure 1006.1 @ 23.30hrs. 19th Rain from 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs heavy at times, with a total of 9.2mm. clearing in the morning becoming warm and sunny by afternoon. With clear skies the evening became rather chilly. Temp high 11.1c @ 16.30hrs. Temp low 5c @ 22.30hrs. 20th Day started cloudy, with skies clearing by mid morning. Warm and sunny by the afternoon, there was a heavy shower at 15.00hrs, clearing with more sunshine, but muggy by early evening. Temp high 12.5c @ 16.30hrs, Temp low 5.2c @ 05.30hrs. 21st Misty with poor visibility and dew on the grass. Clearing by 09.00hrs with clear skies and sunshine. The best sunset across the Carneddau mountains this year so far. Has Spring arrived???? Temp high 13.7c @ 14.00hrs, Temp low 7.3c @ 21.30hrs. 22nd Clear skies and sunshine with some dew evident on the grass. Clouding over and becoming hazy. Temp high13.8c @ 12.30hrs. Temp low 6.2c @ 05.30hrs. 23rd Light rain overnight 1mm rain. Cloud clearing by 08.30hrs (London Marathon today light rain during race). Good periods of sunshine, becoming chilly in clear skies after dusk. Temp high 10.8c @ 12.30hrs Temp low 3.8c @ 23.00hrs. 24th. Lovely sunrise, the whole sky bathed in red. Becoming cloudy mid morning with a gently warm breeze. Cloud thickening by dusk with some light showers. Later the sky cleared and temperature dropped Max temp 13.7c @ 14.00hrs, Min temp 3.3c @ 23.00hrs 25th Woken in the early hours by high winds to force 6 @ 02.30hrs, with light rain. further light rain during morning, with cloud clearing by midday then warm sunshine another nice sunset. Temp high 13.6c @ 15.30hrs Temp low 7.8c @ 22.30hrs. 26th Cloudy start to the day, and rather chilly in light winds. Sunny intervals during day warm in the sun. Temp high 13.6c @ 14.30hrs Temp low 7.2c @ 04.30hrs winds to force 4. 27th Cloudy start to day with skies clearing by 10.00hrs. Good sunny intervals during day. Chilly in clear skies by evening. Temp high 11.4c @ 14.00hrs Temp low 5.2c @ 21.00hrs. 28th Clear skies, with a nice sunrise. Warm in the sunshine with good periods of sunshine during the day. Temp high 12.8c @ 14.30hrs Temp low 5.6c @ 22.00hrs Pressure 1026.1mb @ 08.30hrs steady. 29th Mainly cloudy with a few sunny intervals, till 11.00hrs, then clearing skies with good sunny intervals throughout day but chilly in the mainly easterly wind. Temperature dropping in clear skies after sunset. Temp high 12.8c @ 15.00hrs, Temp low 4.6c @ 05.00hrs. 30th Cloudy all day feeling chilly in the mainly WNW wind. Pressure dropping from 1013mb @ 01.00hrs to 999mb @ 23.30hrs. Drizzle from 20.00hrs to 21.30hrs 0.2mm. Temp high 7.8c @ 13.00hrs. Temp low 4.8c @ 00.30hrs.


May 2006.

Overview of month. The highest temperature during the month was 21.9c on the 4th compared with 22.6c on the 27th in 2005. The mean temp in 2006 was 10.3c compared with 9.6c in 2005. The significant factor of May 2006 was the high rainfall, a total of 96.1mm compared with 34.8mm in 2005. Days of rain however were not significantly different at 21days in 2006 compared with 18days in 2005.

Mare and Foal at Abergwyngreggin

1st Rain overnight, total of 4mm between 00.01hrs and 07.00hrs. I was waken at 04.00hrs due to the wind, and the rain beating against the window pane. The winds gusting up to force 7 westerly. The day was mainly cloudy, with the mountains cloaked in cloud down to 2000ft, and chilly in the wind. Temp high 9.9c @ 16.30hrs, Temp low 5.5c @ 05.30hrs. Pressure 1001.6mb @ 23.30hrs. 2nd Mainly cloudy overnight, and during the morning. Skies clearing after lunch, although windy with gusts to force 7 SSE. Started to rain at 19.45hrs with .9mm by 23.30hrs. Temp high 14.3c @ 15.30hrs, Temp low 5.1c @ 05.00hrs. Pressure 996.5mb @ 22.00hrs. 3rd Nice spring like day but chilly in the wind gusting to force 6 at times. Pressure rising throughout period to 1010.9mb. Temp high 14.5c @ 15.30hrs. Temp low 7.7c @ 04.00hrs. 4th Cloudy start with darkening skies and light rain, heavy downpours late morning, before the skies cleared at 11.30hrs, sunny but very humid afternoon but windy to force 5 SE with temp rising to 21.9c @ 17.30hrs. Cooling breeze by 19.30hrs with winds turning to SW 7mph. Pressure 1008mb @23.30hrs. Temp low 7.9c @ 03.00hrs. 5th Cloudy with winds to force 5, with rain shower at 02.00hrs. The cloud cleared by dawn, with a nice spring like start to the day with clear blue skies and a light SW breeze. Very good visibility across to the summits of the Caerneddau Mountains, the mountains bathed in early morning sunshine. Skies remained mainly clear throughout the day, with good periods of sunshine. Temp high 15.4c @ 14.30hrs, Temp low 6.9c @ 06.30hrs. Pressure 1017.9mb @ 23.30hrs. 6th Clear skies overnight, and good periods of sunshine during the morning. Clouding over at lunchtime with some light rain showers during the afternoon, and early evening. Temp high 17.1c @ 14.00hrs, Temp low 6.2c @ 04.30hrs. Pressure 1014.2mb @ 23.30hrs. 7th Clear skies with cloud building during the morning, becoming overcast by mid afternoon, cloud base over 4000ft. Light winds throughout the day. Max temp 13.3c @ 15.00hrs, Min temp 5.8c @ 15.00hrs Pressure 1011.4mb. 8th Misty start to the day visibility down to 100yds with a humidity reading of 96%. The blackthorn blossom giving a magnificent display against the backdrop of the gorse in bloom, surround by the shrouding mist. Remaining misty until 14.00hrs with rain from 09.30hrs to 16.00hrs, with a total rainfall of 7.4mm. Further light showers during the evening. Temp high 11.7c, Temp low 7.1c @ 01.00hrs Pressure 1010.8mb @ 23.30hrs. 9th Further rain during the early hours. Cloud clearing by dawn pleasant start to the morning with good periods of sunshine, the wet glass glistening in the early morning sun. High cloud later in the day leading to periods of hazy sunshine, but a warm and pleasant day. Temp high 16.1 @ 17.00hrs (highest temp of year so far). Temp low 8.4c @ 06.30hrs. Pressure 1017.4c @ 23.30hrs. 10th Clear skies overnight, with dew on the grass. Clear skies after dawn, and warm in the early morning sunshine with no wind 13c by 07.45hrs. Warm sunshine throughout the day. One of those days for sitting in the garden, and enjoying the fruits of your labour. Temp high 19.1c @ 13.00hrs Temp low 9.7c @ 03030hrs. Pressure 1016.6mb @ 23.30hrs. 11th Another sunny start to the day with some early morning dew on the grass. Becoming humid around lunchtime. Reports of very heavy rain storms around North Wales, with some localized flooding for a time. Reports that areas around Dolgellau particularly badly hit. Thunder and lightening seen and heard to the south of the weather station at 1425hrs, causing our phone line to fail. Further thunder heard to the south during late afternoon and evening, but no rainfall at our location. 12th Much fresher start to the day with clear skies and sunshine. Becoming humid again at lunchtime. Thunder heard to the south and east of the weather station from 17.00hrs, the skies to the east very dark. In the evening we went to Moelfre near Abergele which is to the east of our location. Heavy intermittent rain with thunder and lightening during period we were there. No rain at our location during period. Temp high 19.7c @ 11.30hrs, Temp low 10.6c @ 23.30hrs. Pressure 1010mb @ 23.30hrs. 13th Rain from 07.30hrs with a total of 2.4mm from 07.30hrs to 08.30hrs. Misty with visibility to 100yds @ 09.00hrs. Remaining cloudy throughout the day. Thunder heard from 21.00hrs to 21.45hrs.Temp high 11.4c @ 00.30hrs, Temp low 5.6c @ 23.59hrs 14th Clear periods overnight, but clouding over by 07.00hrs, with light rain throughout morning remaining cloudy for rest of day, except for the odd sunny interval around mid day. Temp high 14.2c @ 13.00hrs, Temp low 5.3c @ 03.00hrs Rain 1.8mm,. 15th Wet start to the day with intermittent showers throughout morning, dry but cloudy for remainder of day. Temp high 12.5c @ 17.30hrs, Temp low 9.6c @ 06.00hrs. Rain 1.6mm. 16th Sunny intervals, clouding over at times with an expectation of rain, but remaining dry throughout period. Temp high 14.8c @ 14.00hrs. Temp low 9.9c @ 06.00hrs. 17th Cloudy during day with rain from 14.30hrs, heavy from 18.00hrs to 19.30hrs with a total rainfall of 13mm. Temp high 14.5c @ 11.30hrs. Temp low 10.6c @ 05.00hrs 18th Very unseasonable wet and windy weather for most of the day, winds from the west reaching gale force at times. Temp high 13.7c @ 14.30hrs Temp low 8.7 @ 22.oohrs 19th Wet morning with strong winds, dry spells after mid day, with intermittent light showers into the evening Temp high 13.9c @ 15.00hrs Temp low 8.9c @ 10.00hrs. 20th More of the same from the last few days. Particularly heavy periods of rain during the morning and early afternoon. becoming showery towards evening. Temp high 10.3c Temp low 5.7c @ 00.00hrs. Rainfall for day 17.8mm. 21st Very heavy rain during the morning, but less windy, rain continuing into early afternoon, then some sunny intervals, with further heavy rain during the evening. Temp high 12.4c @ 17.30hrs Temp low 4.5c. Rainfall for day 11mm. Total Rainfall so far this Month 70.8mm 22nd Rain overnight, continuing after daybreak. Heavy rain throughout the day, localized flooding in places in the Conwy Valley. A total of 17.2mm of rain during period. The peaks of the Caerneddau Mountains have now remained cloaked in cloud for six consecutive days. Many of the local lanes have standing water in places, as the soil cannot take anymore water. Low Pressure fronts continue to control the weather. A weak High Pressure front is expected to move across North Wales overnight, leading to low tempetures and the chance of ground frost. Temp high 9.9 @ 10.00hrs. Temp low 4c @ 23.30hrs. 23rd Clear skies overnight with clear skies and sunshine at dawn. No evidence of an overnight frost but the temperature dropped to 1.9c @ 01.30hrs. There was evidence of overnight snowfall on the peaks of Carnedd Llewellyn, and Foel Fras, with the peaks of Northern Snowdonia standing out clearly against the blue skies. Clouding up after noon, with further rain by 17.00hrs squally and heavy at times. Clearing by 19.30hrs Rainfall total 1.2mm. Temp high 10.9c @ 13.30hrs Temp low 1.9c @ 01.30hrs. 24th Cloudy overnight with rain showers from 05.30hrs Evidence of further snowfall on the peaks of Carnedd Llewellyn and Foel Fras. Sunny periods during day, with light west, north westerly winds. Temp high 11.4c @ 17.00hrs, Temp low 3.8c @ 06.30hrs Rainfall 0.8mm. 25th Early sunshine gave a feel of summer to the early morning period. Still signs of a scattering of snow on the very highest peaks throughout the day. Temp high 13.8c @ 16.00hrs. Temp low 3.7c @ 04.00hrs. 26th Cloudy start to the day following some overnight showers. Mainly cloudy with some sharp showers around lunchtime, with 3.8mm of rainfall. No further evidence of snow on the peaks. Temp high 18.2c @ 16.30hrs Temp low 7.9c @ 03.00hrs. 27th Mainly cloudy day with light showers Temp high 16.3c @ 16.30hrs Temp low 9.8c @ 00.01hrs. Rainfall 0.8mm 28th Cloudy with some sunny intervals, warm in the sun out of the NW winds. Temp high 14.4c @ 14.00hrs. Temp low 7.6c @ 00.01hrs. 29th Heavy rain heard at 03.30hrs with a total of 2.20mm at a rain rate of 13.2mm. Cloudy start to day with sunny intervals and light showers. Further rain showers at 13.30hrs. Remaining cloudy throughout day. Temp high11.1c @ 16.30hrs Temp low 5.4c @ 07.00hrs. 30th Cloudy day with some longer sunny intervals, but chilly in the brisk NW winds. Temp high 10.9c @ 16.00hrs Temp low 4.9c @ 23.00hrs. 31st Clear skies with sunshine from dawn. Brisk winds continue to keep a cool feel to the weather, with cloud building throughout the day. Temp high 10.9c @ 16.00hrs. Temp low 4.9c @ 05.30hrs.


June 2006.

Overview of Month. The significant factor of this month, has been the lack of rainfall with only 21.6mm during month, comparing with 65.4mm in 2005. In 2006 rain fell on nine days compared with 13 days in 2005. The maximum temperature during the month was 25.9c on the 10th, compared with 23.7c on the 19th June 2005. The mean temperature in 2005 was 13.4c compared with 14.1c this year.

The bottom lane in early summer

1st Clear skies with sunshine from day break. Feeling warmer with the wind turning to the west. I nice early summer feel to the day. Temp high 14.6c @ 12.30hrs, Temp low 6.2c @ 6.9c. 2nd At last the weather is warming up with clear skies and sunshine throughout the day. Temp high 15.8c @ 13.30hrs, Temp low 6.9c @ 01.00hrs. 3rd Warm but feeling humid in the afternoon, Temp high 17.7c @ 14.00hrs Temp low 8.2c. 4th Weather remaining warm, visibility good with the mountains of Northern Snowdonia standing out in the early morning sun, turning hazy in the afternoon. Temp high 19.5c @ 13.30hrs Temp low 9.5c @ 00.01hrs. 5th Some dew on the grass in the early morning, another day of clear skies and sunshine, with some cloud forming to the east during late afternoon, but clearing by evening. Temp high 18.9c @ 12.00hrs, Temp low 8.9c @ 04.00hrs. 6th Warm and sunny, Temp reaching a high of 20.9c @ 16.30hrs, Temp low 11.1c @ 03.30hrs. 7th Warm overnight with temp of 14c @ 07.30hrs, a warm day with temp reaching 21c @ 16.00hrs. Temp low 12.5c @ 02.30hrs. Temp reaching a high of 21c @ 16.00hrs. Easterly wind gusting to force 4 from 1620hrs to 19.00hrs then abating. 8th Continuing warm becoming humid by mid afternoon with easterly wind to force 5 by evening. Wind reducing to a light breeze by twilight, Temp low 12.7c @ 05.00hrs. Temp high 23.3c @ 14.00hrs. 9th Warm and humid day with winds gusting to force 5, with the blossom blowing off the Rowan trees. Temp low 14.3c @ 00.30hrs Temp high 23.9c @ 16.00hrs. 10th Hot and humid day with cloud building towards evening winds to force 5. Temp low 13.7c Temp high 25.9c. 11th Slightly cooler with a fresher feel to the weather, clouding up by mid afternoon, with dark clouds to the east although no rain. Temp low 13.3c @ 22.30hrs. Temp high 21.3c @ 14.30hrs.

Bleeding Heart in flower

12th Rain overnight, with a total of 2.2mm. Cloudy and misty by dawn, mist clearing by 08.00hrs, but remaining cloudy till 14.00hrs. Then clearing skies and sunshine. Temp low 12c @22.00hrs. Temp high 17.5c @ 16.00hrs. 13th Clear overnight with light dew on the grass by morning. Clouding up by mid morning, keeping tempetures down. Temp high 15.1c @ 11.00hrs, Temp low 7.9c @ 00.01hrs. 14th Clouds clearing overnight with clear skies by morning with excellent visibility across to the mountains of Northern Snowdonia, with the cliffs and hillsides standing out in clear clarity. Skies remaining clear throughout the day. Temp high 17.3c @ 13.30hrs. Temp low 6.9c @ 04.30hrs. 15th Clear skies, but not as clear as yesterday, with haze towards the mountains. Clouding up mid afternoon becoming thicker by evening. Temp high 18.5c @ 13.00hrs, Temp low 9.7c @ 03.30hrs. 16th Warm overnight, clear skies during day, with cloud building by evening. Temp high 19.4c @ 13.30hrs, Temp low 11.3c @ 02.00hrs. 17th Weather very warm and muggy by morning, clouding up by afternoon with light winds making the weather feel more comfortable. Light rain spotting by evening. Temp high 22.6c @ 16.00hrs, Temp low 12.7c @ 23.30hrs. With low pressure taking control of the weather over the next few days unseasonal weather is expected. 18th Thick cloud by morning with rain by mid morning, continuous showers during day and through to the evening. Total of 2.4mm of rain during period. Temp high 14.4c @ 17.00hrs, Temp low 12.2c @ 02.30hrs. 19th. Cloudy day with heavy rain between 20.30hrs and 21.30hrs, with a total of 2.8mm. Temp high 15.3c @ 14.00hrs, Temp low 10.7c @ 00.01hrs. A deep area of low pressure is having a major influence on the UK weather, leading to unseasonable strong winds, and the possibility of heavy rain at times. The deep area of low pressure over the Atlantic in association with ex tropical storm Alberto has led to Capel Curig registering gusts to 54 knots.

Mock Orange (Philadelphus)

20th Cloudy, with winds gusting to force 7 westerly, leading to some leaf laden branches, breaking off trees. Rain during evening with a total of 3mm. Our electricity supply failed from 15.00hrs to 17.00hrs, probably due to the winds. Pressure dropping to 999mb. Temp high 14.6c @ 11.30hrs, Temp low 9.2c @ 05.00hrs. Reports of winds in excess of 60mph, and heavy rainfall affecting parts of Northern Scotland, due to the unseasonable low pressure area over the UK. 21st Winds gusting to force 7 westerly, with occasional sunny intervals during morning. Temp high 14.1c @ 11.30hrs, Temp low 9.5c @ 04.30hrs. 22nd 10/10 cloud all day with winds to force 5. Temp high 11.7c @ 18.30hrs Temp low 8.8c @ 04.00hrs. 23rd Mainly cloudy during day with a few sunny intervals during afternoon, less windy. Temp high 16.8c, Temp low 8.5c @04.30hrs. 24th Cloudy, becoming misty in the afternoon, rain from 21.00hrs to 22.00hrs, total rainfall of 2.6mm. Temp high 16.4c @ 12.00hrs. Temp low 10.8c @ 03.30hrs. 25th Misty start to day with 10/10 cloud cover all day, misty again late afternoon, then showers into evening. Rainfall for period 1.4mm. Temp high 13.3c @ 14.30hrs, Temp low 10.3c @ 06.30hrs. 26th Cloudy calm start to day and remaining cloudy throughout period. Light showers from 18.00hrs. Feeling cool Temp high 13.3c @ 14.30hrs, Temp low 10.3c @ 06.30hrs. TOTAL RAINFALL SO FAR THIS MONTH 14.4mm. 27th Very misty, visibility less than 100yds from dawn and remaining misty throughout the day. A wet day, raining on and off throughout the day. Total rainfall 6mm. Feeling cold in the poor visibility, Temp high 13.1c @ 18.30hrs, Temp low 10.3c @ 08.00hrs.


Dog Rose in lane side hedge

28th Light rain overnight, remaining cloudy throughout the day, with a couple of sunny intervals between 13.00hrs and 14.00hrs. Feeling humid in sunshine. Temp high 18.7c @ 14.30hrs, Temp low 11.6c @ 04.30hrs.Early figures from the Met Office show that in the first two weeks of June the UK had only 7.7mm of rainfall (11% of the monthly rainfall). The Central Southern and South East England, which is experiencing severe water shortages had only 8.1mm. Here in Wales, which last month had double its normal monthly May rainfall, we had less than 10% of our expected June rainfall. The average maximum June temperature across the UK is 3c above normal. The highest recorded temperature so far this summer was recorded in London on the 12th June at 32.4c. 29th Cloudy with sunny intervals during day. The pollen count is beginning to climb, and it is possible to see the grass seed pollen lifting off the meadow grass in the light ESE winds in the sunshine. Temp high 20.4c, Temp low 10.4c @ 01.00hrs. Wind light, dominate direction ESE. 30th Clear skies in morning warm, with light winds. Becoming humid at times in the afternoon with some dark threatening rain clouds from 15.00hrs to 16.30hrs, but clearing to give a warm evening. Temp high 20.2c @ 11.00hrs. Temp low 11.7c @ 06.00hrs. Winds light dominate direction WSW.


July 2006.

Hay Making at Pebi

Overview of month The met office records for July 2006 showed that the highest mean daily temperature in the UK was 17.8c, this making the month the warmest month on record (records started in 1914). The monthly total sunshine for July in the UK was 263hrs (50% above the July average). In Europe, Germany had its hottest month since records begun in 1901, and Denmark its hottest July ever. The mean temperature (temp in brackets for 2005) at the weather station for July 2006 was 17.4c (14.5c), with a high temperature of 31.7c (27.6c) on the 19th, with the lowest high on the same day of 17.1c (15.8c). Rainfall occurred on 11days (12days), with a total rainfall of 41mm (53.8mm).

1st Clear skies and warm sunshine from early, warm throughout day with easterly winds to 9mph. Temp high 23.3c @ 13.00hrs. Temp low 12.7c @ 03.00hrs. 2nd Very warm from early, becoming humid by 11.00hrs. Winds turning from the east to the west from 12.00hrs with thickening cloud and intermittent rain to 15.00hrs. Thunder heard during same period to the north of the weather station. Reports of thunder storms and heavy rain along the coastal area from Conwy to Abergele. Wind then turning back to easterly from 15.00hrs. Further thunder heard from 19.30hrs, with heavy rain between 21.00hrs and 22.00hrs giving a total rainfall of 4.2mm, and a rain rate of 79.8mm. Temp high 26.2c @ 11.30hrs. Temp low 15.3c @ 05.00hrs. 3rd Heavy rain between 04.00hrs and 06.30hrs, particularly heavy between 06.00hrs and 06.30hrs with 5.6mm of rain in 30mins, leading to flooding for a short time of some local rural roads. Total rainfall during this 21/2hrs period 9.4mm. Misty with visibility down to less than 50yds until 10.00hrs, and high cloud remaining through rest of day. Temp high 22.9c @ 12.30hrs. Temp low 15.2c @ 08.30hrs. 4th Humid night, Very warm from early with temp rising to 25.6c by 14.00hrs (warmest day of the year so far). Temperature in Cardiff reaching 30c. Hazy during day, and high cloud developing by evening. Reports of thunder heard around the Llanberis area, but no report locally. Temp low 15.7c @ 04.00hrs. 5th Warm humid night with a minimum temp of 16c. Temp risen to 23c by 09.00hrs, with hazy sunshine. Wind moving round to the west from midday, with cloud thickening and cooler conditions, and light rain from 16.00hrs. Thunderstorms from 17.30hrs to 19.00hrs with periods of heavy rain, total rainfall 9mm. clearing by 19.30hrs, but remaining cloudy. Temp high 25.7c, Temp low 15.7c. Rainfall for day 9.8mm. 6th Warm with a fresher feel to the weather, humidity down on recent days to 52%, with winds moving to the west following the easterly winds of the recent humid days. Heading along the top road at 17.45hrs I noticed thick mist moving quickly across from the mountains of northern Snowdonia, cloaking the lower valley. By 17.55hrs this had reached the eastern side of the valley, giving visibility of less than 50yds for the rest of the day at this location. Temp high 22.8c @ 12.30hrs. Temp low 14.2c @ 23.30hrs 7th Mainly cloudy day with winds to force 5 Westerly. Temp high 17.6c @ 13.30hrs, Temp low 12.1c 00.00hrs. 8th Mainly cloudy day, as low pressure front moves in from the west, the pressure drops from 1013mb @ 12.00hrs to 999mb by midnight with rain and winds to gale force. Rainfall 3mm. Temp high 16.1c @ 11.30hrs, Temp low 10.8c @ 06.00hrs. 9th Gale force winds and rain continuing overnight. We suffered an electrical power failure from 23.30hrs (8th) to 02.30hrs, probably due to a fallen tree on the power lines. Winds gusting to 32mph during day, mainly cloudy with a couple of sunny periods mid morning. Pressure rising to 1009mb @ 20.00hrs. Rainfall 2mm, Temp high 15.5c @ 10.00hrs, Temp low 11.6c @ 00.30hrs. 10th Mainly clear skies, but winds increasing from mid day, with gusts to 25mph @ 20.00hrs. We could see significant amounts of grass pollen being blown off the hay in the meadow, leading to a high pollen count, and misery for those of us that suffer from hay fever. Pressure was building throughout period to 1014.9mb @ 23.30hrs. Temp high 19.1c @ 14.00hrs, Temp low 12.3c @ 02.00hrs. 11th Rain from 01.00 to 01.30hrs total 1.2mm. Still windy with gusts to 20mph. Looking across towards Foel Fras this morning the clouds were rolling over the peaks and dropping down onto the upper slopes of the valley. Cloudy at times throughout the day, with sunny intervals. With high pressure continuing to build from the Azores, more settled weather is expected in the coming days. Pressure 1021.7mb Temp high 18.2c @ 15.30hrs. Temp low 10.1c @ 05.30hrs. 12th Clear skies till late afternoon. Clouds began to move in from the mountains of Northern Snowdonia from 18.00hrs, with light rain showers at 19.30hrs, and remaining cloudy for rest of the evening, not good for the hay that had been cut in the meadow today, but we hope for more settled weather this weekend. Temp high 17.9c @ 13.30hrs, Temp low 12c @ 05.00hrs. Pressure remaining steady @ 1019.6mb. 13th Heavy dew on grass, with overnight temp of 9.1c, mainly sunny with some high level cloud. Pressure building to 1028mb @ 23.30hrs. Temp high 16.9c, Temp low 9.1c @ 23.00hrs. 14th Another heavy overnight dew on the grass. Excellent visibility across to the mountains with the early morning sun casting shadows into the gullies and cwm's. Pressure continuing to build to 1030mb @ 12.30hrs. Cooling easterly breeze keeping temp to a high of 21.1c, Temp low 9.1c @ 05.30hrs. 15th Evidence of another overnight dew, with temp dropping overnight. Clear skies and sunshine, but visibility not being as good as the previous couple of days with haze towards the mountains. Humidity dropping to 57%. With a central core of high pressure centred over the North Sea, and low pressure over Spain nice cooling breezes are keeping the weather comfortable over North Wales with a temp high 22.7c @ 15.30hrs, temp low 8.9c @ 05.00hrs. The hay in the meadow is nearly ready, and our friends will be baling it with us in the next couple of days. 16th With the temperature remaining higher than previous nights there was no evidence of overnight dew forming. Clear skies and sunshine, with an easterly breeze developing after lunch keeping temperatures to a comfortable level. Pressure remaining at 1025mb, Humidity 45%, Temp high 24.9c @ 12.00hrs, Temp low 11.6c @ 05.00hrs. Highest temperature recorded in UK 34c at Heathrow.

Fires on Conwy Mountain

17th. With overnight temperature remaining high, again no evidence of dew on the grass. A light breeze developed by 10.00hrs keeping a comfortable feel to the weather throughout the day. Humidity remained low at 43%. Temp high 25.9c @ 14.00hrs, Temp low 15.8c @ 02.00hrs. It is expected that temperatures will continue to rise over the next few days with warm air moving across from Europe. It is possible that records may be broken over the next couple of days. The highest temp ever recorded in Wales was 35.2c at Hawarden Bridge on the 2-8-1990. The highest July temp ever recorded in Wales was 33.6c at Usk on the 3-7-76. The all time high temps in the UK where 38.5c at Faversham on the 10-8-2003, and 36c being the highest recorded July temp at Epsom on the 22-7-1911. 18th The temperature rose quickly this morning with 28c at 10.00hrs, feeling hot with no wind. Temperatures continue to climb to 30c by 13.00hrs remaining hot throughout period. temp high 30.3c @ 15.30hrs, Temp low 16.6c @ 02.00hrs 19th Hottest day of the year with temp rising to 31.6c @ 17.00hrs. pressure dropping to 1009.8mb @ 23.30hrs, humidity dropping to 38% @ 14.00hrs, rising again to 67% @ 23.59hrs. The record for the highest July temp in the UK was broken at Wisley Surrey with a max of 36.5c, beating the previous record set in 1911 of 36c at Epsom. The Wales record has also been broken with a max of 34.2c at Penhow. At the other end of the scale, temperatures only reached 14c at Shetland and Fair Isle. 20th. Thunderstorm from 04.00hrs - 05.00hrs, with lightening seen to the east of the weather station. Rainfall of 1.2mm (rain rate of 2.6mm). Temp rising to 23.1c @ 10.30hrs, Humidity 70% at same time. Wind increasing during afternoon to Force 5 SW with temp dropping and humidity increasing to 80%. Temp high 24.5c @ 12.00hrs, Temp low 16.4c @ 23.30hrs. Pressure rising from 1010mb to 1014mb at 23.30hrs. Visibility haze across to the mountains. The heat over the last couple of days has caused the tarmac on the top road which was laid last year to peel off the surface.

Fires on Conwy Mountain

21st Temp overnight dropped to 14.8c, but feeling sticky with higher humidity levels. Winds overnight to Force 4. Temp at 09.00hrs 19.7c with humidity level of 75%. Fires have now been burning on Abbey Mountain Llangollen for two days, at times getting close to properties. Humidity increasing during day to 80%, feeling humid, with cloud cover at times. Farmers are already starting to harvest the wheat following the recent high temperatures. Temp high 22.7c @ 14.30hrs, Temp low 14.6c @ 23.59hrs. 22nd Much less humid night with temp dropping to 13.5c @ 05.30hrs. Winds gusting to force 4 during afternoon, giving a nicer cool feeling to the weather, following a rather humid feel to the morning conditions. Less hazy than the last couple of days, with good visibility across to the mountains of northern Snowdonia. Reports of thunderstorms in the southern parts of the UK with 36mm of rain at Boscombe Down Temp high 24.3c @ 17.00hrs, Temp low 15.6c @ 05.30hrs. Highest max UK temp 31c at Bedford, Lowest max UK temp 14.4c at Aonach Mor. 23rd Cooler temperatures today due to westerly winds gusting to force 4. Feeling humid with humidity rising to 83%. Temp high 20.9c @ 12.30hrs, Temp low 13c @ 06.00hrs. Pressure 1012.3mb @ 23.30hrs. 24th Temperatures increasing today, feeling hot in the sunshine. Some high level cloud during morning, but burning off by mid day. Temp High 23.7c @ 16.30hrs, Temp low 13c @ 06.00hrs. The mountains and hills of North Wales are tinder dry with fires breaking out in the hills. Traveling back home we came across fires burning on the Sychnant Pass, above Penmaenmawr. A situation that can only get worse with the continuing hot dry weather, with the fires being fanned by the winds. The pictures I have taken do not show the full extent of the fires. The firefighters are faced with a number of problems including access, getting sufficient water to the fire, and also the fires re-igniting in the continuing dry, hot, and windy conditions. 25th Light dew on grass at 06.00hrs, but drying quickly in the early morning sun. Feeling hot and humid, but winds increasing from noon gusting to 15mph ESE. Many of the plants are showing signs of wilting, also some of the mature trees are begining to shed their leaves due to lack of moisture in the soil and the hot sunshine. Temp high 28.6c @ 13.30hrs, Temp low 14.5c @ 04.30hrs. 26th Gorse fires continue to effect many areas of rural Wales. The fire on Abbey Mountain Llangollen continues to re ignite, with fires also reported in many other areas. Dew on the grass from early morning, temperatures a little lower, with a less humid feel to the day, Clouding over from midday with a cooling breeze. Temp high 24.1c @ 15.30hrs, Temp low 15c @ 05.00hrs. A weather warning has been issued for Eastern, Central Southern England, South East England, Yorkshire, and Lincolnshire for heavy rain. This is being caused by an extremely unstable air mass and deep shear occurring over these areas, and thunderstorms that are moving across the channel from Northern France. 27th. Cooler day with cloud moving in from the south at midday. Extremely good visibility early morning across to the Foel Fras and the other peaks and cwm's of Northern Snowdonia, but becoming hazy during the afternoon. Temp high 20.7c, Temp low 12.8c @ 01.00hrs. July 2006 is on course according to the met office, to be the hottest July on record in the UK. The current mean average for the month is 17.7c, the current record is 17.3c in July 1983 and 1985. 28th Cooler conditions with evidence of some early morning dew on the grass, clouding up by midday and remaining cloudy till 19.00hrs, then clear skies overnight. Pressure dropping during period to 1007mb at 23.30hrs as weather systems move in from the west. Temp high 23.3c @ 14.30hrs, Temp low 12.8c @ 01.00hrs. 29th Windier than the last couple of days with gusts to 20mph SSE. Rain showers between 13.00hrs and 14.00hrs, with further rain between 19.00hrs and 20.30hrs. Total rain during period 2.2mm. Pressure dropping to 999.7mb by 20.30hrs, but then rising again as weather system moves eastwards. Temp high 20.4c @ 11.30hrs, Temp low 14.2c @02.00hrs. 30th Cloudy during day, clearing late evening. Rain showers and low clouds to 2000ft observed over the mountains during morning, clearing by mid afternoon. Showers during evening, with winds gusting to force 6 at 20.00hrs, with pressure rising to 1004mb @ 23.30hrs. Temp high 20.1c @ 15.00hrs, Temp low 12.8c @ 03.00hrs. 31st Temp high 17.8c @ 15.00hrs, Temp low 12.8c @ 03.00hrs. Winds gusting to force 6 at 14.30hrs.


August 2006.

Following the hot dry conditions of July 2006, August has been known for its high rainfall. The month was also cooler with a mean temp of 13.6c compared with 14.1c in August 2005. The rainfall total for August 2006 was 87mm, compared with 63mm in 2005. Rain fell on 25 days, compared with 17 days in 2005.

1st Showers in the morning .4mm of rain, with winds gusting to force 6 wsw by 12.30hrs. Sunny intervals in the late afternoon with the winds easing. Temp high 17.8c @ 18.00hrs, Temp low 12.1c @ 05.30hrs. 2nd Cloudy morning with light winds, feeling chilly in the lower temperatures. Remaining cloudy throughout day. Temp high 14.7c @ 12.30hrs, Temp low 12.1c @ 07.30hrs, note little change in temp during 24hr period. 3rd Starting rather chilly, but warming up during the morning with light westerly winds. Low pressure over Scotland and Northern Ireland with gales and heavy rain, with flood warnings in Scotland. Temp high 18.1c @ 15.30hrs, Temp low 12.2c @ 05.30hrs. 4th Clear skies with brilliant sunrise at 05.30hrs. Becoming cloudy by 07.30hrs with light westerly winds. Light drizzle by 22.00hrs. Temp high 16.9c @ 14.30hrs, Temp low 11.8c @ 05.30hrs. Rain 1mm. 5th Feeling humid throughout period (RH 98%). Rain overnight, misty with visibility down to 20yds, remaining misty until 11.30hrs, with sunshine by 12.30hrs. Temp high 21.1c @ 17.00hrs, Temp low 15.1c @ 00.30hrs. Rain 1.8mm. 6th Cloudy during morning, clearing during the afternoon with sunny intervals. Rain from 18.30hrs, and becoming misty with visibility down to 50yds by 21.00hrs. Temp high 24.2c @ 13.30hrs, Temp low 12.4c @ 00.01hrs. Rain 2mm. 7th Sunny intervals and light showers during daytime. Remaining cloudy during evening. Temp high 18.1c @ 17.00hrs, Temp low 10.1c @ 02.30hrs. Rain .2mm. 8th Sunny periods during day with winds gusting to force 5 at times. Light rain from 20.00hrs. Temp high 19.4c @ 17.00hrs, Temp low 10.2c @ 06.30hrs. Rain .8mm 9th Overcast for most of the day, with rain showers overnight. Further light rain showers during late afternoon. Temp high 18.4c @ 15.00hrs, Temp low 10.6c ' 06.00hrs. Rain .2mm. 10th Remaining overcast rain at 05.00hrs (.8mm) Pressure 1012mb. Further rain at 10.30hrs and 13.00hrs. Winds increasing with gusts to force 5 at 12.30hrs. Temp high 17c @ 16.30hrs, Temp low 11.4c @ 02.00hrs. Total rainfall 1.2mm. 11th Mainly cloudy, winds gusting to force 5 during the morning. Some sunny intervals during the late morning and early afternoon. The peaks of Northern Snowdonia, continue to remain under cloud cover. Temp high 16.8c @ 15.00hrs, Temp low 10.9c @ 04.30hrs. 12th Cloudy with light rain showers at 08.30hrs (.2mm). Remaining cloudy with low pressure controlling the weather over the western UK. Pressure 1014mb at 22.00hrs. Temp high 18.9c @ 14.00hrs, Temp low 11.9c @ 00.30hrs. 13th Continuing cloudy but dry, with temperatures remaining below the seasonal norm. Pressure 1012mb. Temp high 15.2c @ 11.00hrs, Temp low 11.7c @ 05.30hrs. 14th The weather remains cloudy with occasional light rain showers. Pressure 1008.9mb @ 23.30hrs. Rainfall for month 9.2mm Temp high 17.6c @ 15.30hrs, Temp low 12.2c @ 02.00hrs. 15th With low pressure remaining in charge over the UK the weather remains cloudy with mainly below average temperatures. Further rain showers with 1.8mm of rain. Temp high 13c @ 12.30hrs, Temp low 10.4c @ 07.00hrs. Pressure 1008.5mb @ 00.30hrs.

Looking across to the Northern Hills of Snowdonia

16th Pressure dropping to 998mb @ 12.00hrs. Heavy rain shower at 13.30hrs with 5mm of rain in a very short time giving a rain rate of 38.4mm. Temp high 15.8c @ 17.00hrs, Temp low 10.4c @ 04.30hrs. Rainfall for period 5.8mm. 17th Pressure dropping to 995.6mb as low pressure area sits over the UK. Heavy deluge of rain at 16.30hrs giving 8mm of rain in a very short time, with a rain rate of 102.8mm, leading to localized flooding of some of the local lanes. Winds to force 4 ESE at same time. Total rainfall for period 8.8mm, Temp high 18.4c @ 13.00hrs, Temp low 11.4c @ 23.00hrs. 18th Remaining cloudy with rain showers, some heavy, with visibility below 2000ft over the Snowdonia Mountains. Winds gusting to force 4 ESE, Rainfall for period 5.4mm, Temp high 14.9c @ 11.00hrs, Temp low 10.9c @ 01.30hrs. 19th The Low 1007 moves slowly eastward away from the UK. Further heavy rain showers with 8mm of rain at 17.15hrs giving a rain rate of of 25.6mm, total rainfall for period 15.2mm. Rainfall for month so far 50mm. Temp high 14.9c @ 18.30hrs, Temp low 12.6c @ 06.30hrs. Winds gusting at times to force 4 during period. Highest rainfall today from Met Office stats :- St Bees Head 58.6mm 20th Remaining cloudy, with rain showers in the afternoon, with a heavy shower at 13.00hrs giving a rain rate of 15.6mm. Temp high 15.1c @ 19.00hrs, Temp low 12.8c @ 21.00hrs. Rainfall 3.8mm. 21st Remaining cool and cloudy. Woken by rain at 01.30hrs, with the rain continuing until 03.00hrs. Further rain between 08.30hrs and 10.00hrs. Windy during the early morning gusting to force 5 at 02.30hrs. Temp high 15.9c @ 16.30hrs, Temp low 10.2c @ 00.01hrs. Total rainfall 4.2mm. 22nd Remaining dull and overcast throughout day Temp high 18.8c, Temp low 10.1c @ 00.30hrs. 23rd A day of contrast, Windy overnight gusting to force 5 westerly at 02.00hrs. Clear skies at dawn with good visibility across to the mountains of northern Snowdonia. Clouding up by 08.00hrs with rain showers at 09.30hrs. Rain showers clearing by mid morning, with sunny intervals during the afternoon. Looking across the valley to the mountains, clouds hung in the cwm's like plumes of smoke from a dieing fire, with shafts of sunlight touching the valley sides, the light being spun around as the clouds moved above, a truly inspiring sight. Further rain showers at 18.00hrs, and remaining cloudy during the evening period. Temp high 17.8c @ 16.00hrs, Temp low 11.1c @ 00.01hrs. Pressure 1007.4mb @ 13.00hrs. 24th Cloudy with sunny intervals, Temp 09.00hrs 13.6c Pressure 1007.7mb, Winds light WNW. Remaining cloudy for the remainder of the daylight hours, with the clouds clearing by 21.00hrs, leading to temperatures dropping to 8.4c @ 23.59hrs. Temp high 16.7c @ 14.30hrs, Temp low 8.4c @23.59hrs. Winds to 15mph Westerly @ 12.00hrs.

Tryfan in the far distant left

5th Temperature dropping to 8.2c under clear skies at 00.30hrs, then clouding up. Leaden skies at dawn giving a nebulosity appearance to the uplands of northern Snowdonia. Light rain showers during the morning and during the late afternoon. Temp high 16.9c @ 13.30hrs, Temp low 8.2mm @ 00.30hrs. 1.2mm of rain between 17.00 and 18.00hrs. 26th Heavy rain from 07.30hrs to 09.00hrs, then mist rolling in from the west with visibility down to 100yds. Mist lifting at 12.30hrs but looking to the east the Clwydian hills remained cloaked in cloud, down to 1000ft. Later looking across to the hills of northern Snowdonia cloud was hanging in the cwm's, with the peaks remaining in cloud throughout period. Rainfall 13mm, Temp high 14.6c @ 17.00hrs, Temp low 12.6c @ 06.00hrs. 27th Sunny intervals and cloud with winds to force 5 at 11.30hrs. Rain shower at 21.30hrs, then heavy rain setting in from 23.30hrs with pressure dropping from 1008.3mb at 21.30hrs to 1005.3mb by midnight, as a developing low moved eastward across the UK. 6.4mm of rain from 23.30hrs to 00.30hrs on the 28th. Total rainfall 7.2mm for period. Temp high 17.2c @ 15.30hrs, Temp low 11.1c @ 07.00hrs. 28th Cloudy start to the day with rain showers at 06.00hrs, with the odd sunny interval during the morning, windy at times to force 4. Longer sunny intervals during middle of day, clouding over again by late afternoon with rain showers during late evening. Temp high 15.4c @ 13.00hrs, Temp low 10.2c @ 00.05hrs. Rainfall 2.8mm. Pressure 1006.7mb at 13.00hrs. 29th Good sunny intervals during day, but clouding up by evening. Temp high 16.1c @ 15.30hrs, Temp low 9.7c @ 05.00hrs, Wind gusting to force 4 at midday, Pressure rising to 1011.8mb at 23.30hrs. 30th Cloudy, with a brisk wind to force 4. Cloud base looking across to northern Snowdonia above 3500ft with all the summits visible. Cloud base dropping to 2000ft from 17.00hrs with rain till 20.00hrs. Temp high 15.1c @ 14.00hrs, Temp low 10.6c @ 06.30hrs. Rainfall for period 3mm, Pressure dropping from 1015.9mb at 15.00hrs to 1012mb at 23.30hrs as weather front moves in from the west remaining stationary over North Wales. 31st Outbreaks of rain, with weather front remaining stationary over North Wales for the 24hr period. Met Office Weather Warning in place for North Wales with heavy continuous rain, and possibility of localized flooding. Rainfall radar shows the heaviest rain stationary over the North West area of North Wales


September 2006.

1st Wet start to the day, and windy overnight to force 7 at 03.30hrs. A large fallen branch blocked the lane due to the high winds, probably because of the amount of foliage still on the trees Cloud clearing by 10.00hrs, with sunny periods. Clouding over again by 13.00hrs, with a heavy shower till 13.45hrs. Further sunny periods till evening with light winds, then low clouds setting in down to 1500ft.Temp high 18.1c @ 12.30hrs, Temp low 12.9c @ 23.00hrs. Rain 1mm. 2nd Cloudy overnight with light rain at 07.00hrs, rain becoming heavy by 08.00hrs with strengthening winds. Rain clearing by 15.00hrs, winds decreasing. Skies clearing, with a brilliant sunset across the mountains. Winds increasing to force 7 @ 18.00hrs. Temp high 18.1c @ 14.30hrs, Temp low 12.3c @ 06.30hrs Rain 10.6mm. 3rd Rain overnight, clearing by 06.30hrs, with a magnificent sunrise, windy gusting to force 7 @ 08.00hrs. Winds becoming light by mid morning and feeling warm in the morning sunshine. Clouding over by 11.30hrs, with light rain at 13.00hrs, and winds strengthening again with light rain showers during the afternoon. Winds receding by evening but remaining cloudy. Temp high 18.7c @ 11.30hrs, Temp low 13.6c @ 20.30hrs, Rain 0.4mm. 4th Clouding up from early morning with rain, low cloud, with poor visibility. Winds gusting to force 5 wsw at 08.30hrs, then becoming light from mid day Temp high 18.2c @ 13.00hrs, Temp low 12.7c @ 20.30hrs. Rain 5.2mm. 5th Rain overnight, blustery with gusts to force 5 @ 14.00hrs wsw, with a warm moist SW airstream, the wind abating by 18.00hrs, and becoming misty by evening, with light rain at 21.00hrs. Pressure 1013mb Temp high 20.3c @ 16.00hrs, Temp low 15.3c @ 00.30hrs. Rain 0.8mm. 6th Windy overnight to force 6 at 03.30hrs. Drizzle for most of the day, with poor visibility due to low cloud until the evening, then clearing overnight. Rain 2.8mm. Temp high 17.3c @ 13.00hrs, temp low 11.4c @ 21.00hrs. 7th Pressure rising to 1022.4mb at 13.30hrs. Much improved weather with good clear sunny spells as high pressure moved in from Ireland. With clear skies after dusk the milky way was prominent in the night sky. Temp high 16.3c @ 16.00hrs, temp low 9.4c @ 23.00hrs. 8th Clear air, with good visibility to the mountains, giving high definition to the peaks and cwm's. Clear skies throughout the day with a light easterly breeze. Pressure 1026mb. Temp high 17.9c @ 16.00hrs, temp low 7.9c @ 07.00hrs. 9th Clear starlit skies overnight with with some cloud building at dawn, but clearing by 10.00hrs. Another lovely sunny day with a light SE breeze. Temp high 19.6c @ 17.00hrs, temp low 9.4c @ 06.00hrs. 10th Clear sunny morning with good visibility, becoming hazy by mid afternoon, and clouding up by 17.00hrs. Pressure 1015.3mb. Temp high 23.4c @ 14.00hrs, temp low 11.1c @ 07.00hrs. 11th Skies clearing by dawn with a heavy dew. Becoming cloudy by 15.00hrs. Temp high 23.8c, temp low 13.6c @ 05.30hrs.

Cumulus Cloud above Northern Snowdonia Mountains

12th Clear skies over the weather station during the morning, but thick cloud laying over the mountains, with shafts of sunlight kissing the lower slopes of the. Skies clearing by mid morning but remaining hazy to the west. Temp high 21c @ 12.30hrs, temp low 14.9c @ 05.30hrs. 13th With high pressure still in control, another clear sunny day, but becoming hazy by mid afternoon, and clouding up after dark. Pressure falling to 99.7mb by evening. Temp high 21c @ 15.30hrs, temp low 14.6c @ 02.00hrs. 14th Wet day with rain from 07.30hrs, continuing with long periods of rain until 18.00hrs. The cloud clearing after dark with another starlit night. Rain 9mm, Temp high 15c @ 01.00hrs, temp low 10.1c @ 23.30hrs. Pressure rising to 1006mb at 23.00hrs. 15th Light rain shower at 02.00hrs, with heavy dew evident at dawn, with mist laying low over the fields. Looking down to the valley the tree tops were just visible above the low laying mist in the valley. Another clear sunny autumn day, with clear skies remaining after dark. Temp high 17.9c @ 12.00hrs, temp low 9.7c @ 02.00hrs. Rain 0.2mm. Pressure 1008mb. 16th Lovely sunrise, with a clear sunny day, and excellent visibility across to the mountains. Remaining clear after dark with excellent visibility into the night sky, with the plough standing out exceptionally well. Temp high 15.8c @ 17.00hrs, temp low 10.4c @ 04.30hrs 17th Clear skies at dawn, but clouding up by 08.00hrs, and remaining cloudy throughout the day, with a light rain shower at 14.40hrs. Temp high 17.9c, temp low 9.7c @ 04.00hrs. 18th Heavy rain from 17.00hrs to 19.30hrs (10.4mm of rain). Wind gusting to force 5 wsw at 16.30hrs Pressure 1007.1mb at 00.30hrs, falling during day. Temp high 17.5c @ 13.30hrs, temp low 11.7c @ 23.30hrs. 19th Wind gusting to force 6 wsw at 02.00hrs. Pressure 1007.7mb. Temp high 15.8c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 11.1c @ 07.30hrs. 20th Winds gusting to force 7 sw at midday Pressure 1003mb at 01.00hrs, dropping to 997mb @ 23.30hrs Heavy rain shower from 21.00hrs to 21.30hrs. A deep area of low pressure from what was hurricane Gordon, is expected to move northwards from the South West approaches bringing heavy rain and high winds to Ireland, South West England, and West Wales tomorrow. Temp high 19.4c @ 15.00hrs, temp low 12.3c @ 00.30hrs. 21st Clear skies and warm blustery southerly winds. Pressure dropping during day to 989mb @ 23.30hrs, with winds increasing to force 7 by late evening. Temp high 15.9c @ 16.30hrs, temp low 10.2c @00.01hrs Heavy rain and winds to 80mph effected large parts of Ireland with structural damage, and power cuts due to fallen trees. For a period the main Belfast to Dublin railway line was closed due to fallen trees on the line.

Bee on the Lavender

22nd Windy overnight with winds to force 5 SE, cloudy with sunny periods during day. Temp high 17.3c @ 12.30hrs, temp low 11.7c @ 04.00hrs. 23rd Mainly clear skies at dawn with lovely sunrise over the Clwydian Hills, clouding up during the morning, but clearing by midday. Winds increasing by 17.00hrs to force 4 ESE. Temp high 19.4c @15.00hrs, Temp low 12.2c @ 06.00hrs. 24th Cloudy start to day, with rain from 08.00hrs to 10.30hrs (1.8mm of rain). then clearing with sunny periods, and warm with light breeze. 25th Cloudy at dawn, but soon clearing with good sunny spells during day. Excellent visibility across to the mountains with light cloud just kissing the peaks. Good sunny periods during the day, and clear skies after dusk. 26th Clear skies at dawn, and remaining sunny throughout the day. Temp high 17.8c @ 12.30hrs, temp low 10.9c @ 17.00hrs. 27th Cloudy at dawn with rain from 16.00hrs to 20.00hrs, the cloud base over the mountains of northern Snowdonia remaining at 2400ft throughout period. Rain 5.4mm Temp high 16.9c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 11.9c @ 07.00hrs. 28th Remaining cloudy overnight with light rain showers. Cloud clearing during morning with good sunny periods during day. Temp high 16.4c @ 13.00hrs, temp low 11.4c @ 22.00hrs. 29th Lovely sunrise over the Cwlydian Hills, with clear skies to the east. Clouding over from the west during morning with rain from 15.30hrs to 16.00hrs, clearing by dusk, with excellent visibility of the night sky. further light rain showers between 23.00hrs into the early hours. 30th Rain shower at 05.30hrs, with skies clearing by dawn with another lovely sunrise, with a little high cloud. Good sunny periods during the day with cloud hanging over the mountains at dusk, moving westward with cloud building over the weather station, and outbreaks of rain heavy at times from 23.00hrs into the early hours, (5.2mm). Temp high 17.2c @ 16.30hrs, temp low 8.5c @ 05.00hrs.



October 2006

Lasiommata Megera

Although the general perception has been of a milder October than for a number of years, the mean temp for Oct 2006 was 11.4c compared with 11.2c for 2005. Rainfall was 95.8mm, compared with 133.8mm for the corresponding period in 2005. Although we had two less days, when rain occurred in 2005, we had significant rainfall on two days, the 11th October 2005 when 46.6mm fell, and 28.8mm on the 24th October 2005. The wettest day in October 2006 was 20mm on the 3rd. Highest Met Office recorded temperature for month 22.1c on the 9th Central London, Lowest -2.9c on the 16th Greytown on Spey.


1st Clear intervals first thing, then clouding over as a low pressure area moved across North Wales, becoming windy by evening gusting to 17mph by 23.30hrs. Heavy rain from 21.30hrs to 22.30hrs (4.8mm). Temp high 15.8c @ 12.00hrs, temp low 10.6c @ 05.30hrs. 2nd Overnight rain showers between 03.00hrs and 04.00hrs. Cloud clearing to give a bright sunny morning, with blustery winds to force 5. Further light rain showers at 13.00hrs, giving a total rainfall for period of 2mm. Temp high 15.6c @ 13.00hrs, temp low 9.9c @ 19.30hrs. 3rd Heavy rain from 06.00hrs, continuing until 18.00hrs, with winds gusting to force 5, pressure dropping to 996.3mb. Total rainfall 20mm, one of the wettest days this year, with some surface water on many of the lanes, and verges. Temp high 12.8c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 8.1c @ 22.00hrs. 4th Rain overnight, and remaining windy (SW). Cloudy during day, but clearing by dusk, to give a clear starlit night. 5th With a low pressure area to the west of Scotland, it remained cloudy all day with frequent blustery showers, some heavy. (5mm rain). Winds to force 5 SW. Skies clearing by evening, lifting the clouds off the peaks of Northern Snowdonia. Temp high 14.4c @ 16.00hrs, temp low 9.3c @ 03.30hrs. 6th Cloudy start to the day, with rain showers continuing to late afternoon. Winds increasing as low pressure moved across Scotland, with pressure dropping to 989.7mb. Temp high 15.2c @ 11.30hrs, temp low 9.2c @ 00.01hrs. 7th Windy overnight gusting to force 5. Dry with good sunny intervals during day, becoming less windy. Temp high 14.2c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 8.2c @ 07.30hrs. 8th Windy overnight to force 5 westerly. Cloudy early morning, clearing giving good sunny intervals during day. Becoming cloudy again during early evening, with rain showers between 18.30hrs and midnight (2.2mm). Temp high 15c @ 11.00hrs, temp low 10.6c @ 19.30hrs. 9th Rain showers overnight (1.2mm) clearing by 08.30hrs, sunny intervals with occasional cloudy spells during day. Pressure 1013.9mb @ 19.00hrs. Temp high 15.3c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 8c @ 22.00hrs. 10th Clear skies, and heavy overnight dew. Good sunny periods throughout day, warm in the sunshine. More like a spring day. Temp high 16.7c @ 16.30hrs, temp low 7.1c @ 02.30hrs. 11th Heavy rain overnight, (7mm rain). Remaining cloudy with further heavy rain showers during morning with poor visibility. Pressure rising during morning, with cloud clearing, followed by good sunny intervals during the afternoon. Total of 11mm of rain during period. Total monthly rainfall so far 43.4mm. Temp high 15.7c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 9.2c @ 23.00hrs. 12th Clear overnight, but cloudy by dawn with rain showers during the morning. Cloud clearing by mid day with good sunny intervals during afternoon. Temp high 15.4c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 8.4c @01.00hrs. 13th Clear skies overnight, but some cloud forming by dawn, with heavy overnight dew forming. Cloud clearing by mid morning, with sunny intervals and feeling warm. Temp high 17c @ 14.00hrs, temp low 9.2c @ 04.30hrs. 14th Clear skies overnight, with a heavy dew by dawn. Light ESE winds, with good sunny intervals during the day. Skies remaining clear after dark, with good visibility into the starlit skies. Temp high 15.7c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 8.7c @ 07.00hrs. 15th Cloudy by dawn, but some good sunny intervals by lunchtime. I noticed that low cloud remained to the east of the weather station throughout the day, with cloud lingering on the tops of the Clwydian Hills. Walking down to the meadow at 22.30hrs, spots of rain were falling, but did not develop into a shower. Temp high 12.9c @ 12.00hrs, temp low 10.1c @ 00.30hrs. 16th Remaining cloudy throughout the day with rain showers, further light rain falling by evening. Temp high 14.5c @ 13.00hrs, temp low 8.3c. Rain 3.7mm.

Lyn above Betws y Coed

17th Remaining cloudy throughout period with heavy rain from late afternoon. Cloud hanging low over the mountains, and into the cwm's, giving a ghostly atmosphere to the uplands above the valley bottom. Temp high 14.8c @ 15.00hrs, temp low 10.6c @ 07.00hrs, Rain 5.8mm. 18th Cloud clearing overnight with heavy dew on the grass by sunrise. Good sunny periods with a light ESE breeze, but remaining hazy towards the mountains, with mist hanging low in the valley. Clouding up after dusk. Temp high 16.6c @ 13.30hrs, temp low 9.2c @ 07.30hrs. 19th Heavy rain overnight continuing till mid morning, with further showers to early afternoon, then clearing with good sunny intervals. Temp high 15.6c @ 15.30hrs, temp low 10.2c @ 23.30hrs. Rain 8.8mm. 20th Dull and rather windy, with a few sunny intervals. Temp high 15.3c @ 14.00hrs, temp low 9.4c @ 04.30hrs. 21st Windy overnight with gusts to 21mph. Clear skies at dawn, but clouding over by 09.00hrs with a light shower. Further sunny periods during the day, with showers from 15.00hrs. Remaining cloudy during the evening with further showers from 22.00hrs. Total rainfall 4mm. Temp high 14.8c @ 13.00hrs, temp low 9.5c @ 23.30hrs. 22nd We were woken in the early hours with rain beating on the window panes, and the sound of the wind howling around the house. Winds gusting to 35mph before dawn. Cloudy morning with fresh SW winds, but brightening up around lunchtime. Further rain showers at 14.30hrs (2.2mm of rain during period). Temp high 12.8c @ 11.30hrs, temp low 8.1c @ 23.00hrs. 23rd Rain shower at 05.00hrs, cloudy with some sunny periods during day, skies clearing overnight with good visibility into the night sky. Temp high 13c @ 16.00hrs, temp low 7.3c @ 20.30hrs. 24th Mainly clear skies, with a light shower at 07.00hrs. Good sunny periods during the morning with fresh winds gusting to 20mph. Cloud building into the afternoon, clearing by dusk with good clear spells, another evening of good visibility into the night sky.

Clouds laying over the peaks of Northern Snowdonia October 30th

25th Pressure dropping to 987mb, with ESE winds gusting to 22mph. Cloudy with rain from 11.00hrs, visibility dropping to 100mts at the weather station at 10.00hrs, rain continuing, heavy at times till 19.30hrs. Rainfall during period 17.8mm. Temp high14.1c @ 23.30hrs, temp low 6.6c @ 03.30hrs. Very mild during evening. 26th Pressure 996.3mb, winds to force 7, with some fallen branches in the meadow and locally around the lanes. Rain, but clearing by 10.00hrs. 1.8mm of rain, Temp high 14.2c @ 00.30hrs, temp low 9.9c @ 21.00hrs. 27th Winds gusting overnight to force 5. Cloudy with a light rain shower at 11.30hrs. Pressure rising during day to 1014.3mb. Temp high 11.4c @ 23.30hrs, temp low 8.2c @ 08.00hrs. 28th Overcast during day with periods of light rain, windy to force 5 during morning. Temp high 15.3c @ 17.30hrs, temp low 10.9c @ 01.00hrs. 29th Light drizzle during the early hours and windy, gusting to 23mph. Cloud clearing by sunrise. Clear skies with plenty of sunshine throughout morning and early afternoon. Cloud increasing later, but remaining dry. Temp high 13.8c @ 12.00hrs, temp low 7.3c @ 07.00hrs Pressure 1020.6mb. 30th Clear skies at daybreak, but low cloud to the east and west of the Weather Station. Cloud settling across the mountains to the west by late afternoon down to 1500ft, but remaining clear at the Weather Station, with winds increasing to 28mph. Pressure 1010.5mb. Temp high 15.4c @ 10.30hrs, temp low 11.4c @ 17.30hrs. 31st An active low pressure area is moving across northern areas, and as this moves across into the North Sea, it is being replaced by a cooler northerly air flow. There is a cooler feel to the weather, with winds gusting to 33mph WNW, moving to North Westerly by 18.00hrs, with high pressure building by evening. A mixture of sunny spells and sharp showers throughout the day (2.5mm rain). Temp high 11.9c @ 00.30hrs, temp low 4.2c @ 23.00hrs.



November 2006

Vapour Trails in clear Autumn Sky. 3rd November

Rainfall for Month 92.8mm, compared with 104.9mm in 2005. Highest rainfall in 24hr period 16.79mm recorded on the 19th. Rainfall recorded on 22 days. Most of the rainfall occurred after the end of the first week of the month. Mean temp for month 7.6c compared with 6.1c in 2005. Highest temp 13.3c on the 13th, compared with 15.8c on the 2nd in 2005. Lowest temp 0.7c on the 3rd, compared with 0.9c on the 23rd in 2005. Highest wind speed recorded 38mph on the 19th, compared with 41mph on the 11th in 2005. The Met Office has confirmed that Autumn 2006 has been the mildest in Wales for 347yrs. The mean autumn temperature was 11.4c, the previous record was set in 1959, with a temperature of 10.9c.


First Ground Frost of Autumn 3rd November

1st Clear skies at dawn, with much cooler overnight temperatures. Good sunny periods during the day, feeling warm out of the brisk ESE breeze, high pressure now dominating the weather over much of the UK. Becoming cold under the clear skies after dark. Temp high 9.7c @ 12.30hrs, temp low 2.5c @ 23.30hrs. 2nd Cold overnight, but no ground frost. Some light cloud by dawn but clearing by mid morning. Further cloud forming around lunchtime, giving fewer sunny periods during the afternoon. Clear skies by sunset with temperature dropping to 2.8c at 18.00hrs. Pressure 1032.5mb. Temp high 8.3c @ 12.00hrs, Temp low 1.7c @ 23.59hrs. 3rd High pressure remains centered across the South of the UK, with cold clear conditions across North Wales. Temperature dropped to 0c at 03.00hrs, with ground frost evident by morning. Clear sunrise with some jet stream cirrus. Clear skies, and sunshine during day, with temperature falling to 3.8c @ 19.00hrs. Pressure 1030.2mb. Temp high 9.3c @ 15.00hrs, Temp low 0.7c @ 03.30hrs. 4th Clear start to the day, with evidence of an overnight frost. Cloud building by lunchtime with winds gusting to 23mph @ 13.30hrs. Feeling less cold with the winds turning westerly. Pressure 1030mb. Cloud remaining after dusk with temperatures not dropping as in recent nights. Temp high 11.8c @ 13.00hrs, temp low 4.7c @ 00.30hrs 5th No overnight frost, and windy with gusts to 23mph westerly, with temperature remaining above 8c during night. Some cloud at dawn, but breaking during the morning, giving some good sunny spells. Becoming less windy by mid afternoon. Cloud laying across the mountains at dusk with a beautiful red sky above as the sunset. Temp high 11.3c @ 11.30hrs, temp low 8.3c 05.30hrs 6th Clear skies overnight, no frost, but heavy dew on the grass, and mist in the valley bottoms. Skies remaining clear throughout the day, feeling warm in the sun. Some cloud building over the Carneddau Mountains at sunset, giving a red glow to the tops of the cloud formation. The full moon after dark, with clear skies, giving a lightness to the landscape, with temperatures dropping quickly to 6.6c. Pressure dropping slowly to 1018mb by 18.00hrs. Temp high 13.3c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 5.5c @ 03.30hrs. 7th Temperature remained above 7c overnight, with heavy dew on grass at 07.00hrs. Cloud to the east of the weather station over the Clwydian Hills, but above 3000ft, giving a magnificent dark red sunrise at our location. Clear skies in the morning, but some high level cloud forming during the afternoon. Further cloud building after dark, with temperatures rising slowly under the blanket of cloud. Temp high 13c @ 11.00hrs, temp low 7.1c @ 3.30hrs. Pressure falling to 1011.9mb @ 23.30hrs. 8th Temperatures rising slowly overnight under cloud (9c @ 00.30hrs, 11c @ 07.00hrs). Rain from 06.00hrs with 3.6mm by 07.00hrs. Further rain at 07.30hrs, with mist reducing visibility to 200mts. Clearing by 09.30hrs, but remaining mainly cloud throughout day, with further rain during the afternoon. Total rain 5.6mm. Temp high 11.8c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 7.7c @ 22.00hrs. 9th Cloudy with winds gusting to 21mph westerly, with some clear periods at dawn. Less windy after dawn, but remaining cloudy with some sunny periods during the day. Skies clearing by 17.00hrs, with temperatures dropping to 4.2c by mid evening, with a chilly feel to the air. Temp high 9.7c @ 14.30hrs, temp low, 4.7c @ 22.30hrs. 10th Chilly start to the day with 5c @ 06.00hrs. Mainly clear with some high cloud, Wind increasing during the morning gusting to 30mph SSW. Cloud building during day with rain from 15.00hrs, as high pressure moves away from the UK to the Continent. Pressure dropping slowly to 1013.3mb. Temp high 11.9c @ 21.00hrs, temp low 4.2c @ 03.30hrs. Rain 8.5mm. 11th Chilly start to the day with some cloud and winds gusting to 18mph westerly. Pressure 1012.7mb falling slowly at 08.20hrs. Cloudy during day with rain from 18.00hrs to 21.00hrs, and remaining windy Temp high 9.7c @ 13.30hrs, temp low 5.9c 05.30hrs. 12th Some clear periods by day break. Remaining a day of sunny periods, and clouds with a rain shower at 19.00hrs. Becoming windy in the evening, gusting to 27mph @ 23.30hrs. Pressure dropping to 1004mb. Temp high 12.2c @ 23.59hrs, temp low 6.4c @ 05.00hrs. 13th Winds increasing to 30mph westerly by 02.00hrs, with pressure continuing to drop to 1001.1mb at 07.00hrs. 100% cloud, with wind speed reducing by 07.00hrs, but still some strong gusts to 24mph at 07.00hrs. Hazy towards the mountains, but cloud base above 3000ft. Some sunny periods during the day, but clouding over by mid afternoon with a shower at 15.00hrs. Rainfall so far this Month 18mm. Pressure continuing to fall to 1000.1mb at 23.30 hrs. Temp high 13.3c @ 02.30hrs temp low 8.6c @ 14.00hrs. 14th Cloudy start to the day. Winds gusting to 26mph at 01.30hrs, but reducing by dawn. Pressure continuing to fall slowly to 999.6mb @ 07.00hrs. Dull day with some spots of rain, remaining cloudy, with mist reducing visibility across to the mountains, and cloud hanging around the summits. Temp high 9.5c @ 13.30hrs, temp low 8.1c 20.30hrs. 1mm rain. 15th Cloudy overnight and a fairly mild feel to the weather at dawn. Rain from 08.30hrs to 10.30hrs, with further rain by 15.30hrs, with 7mm of rain by 19.30hrs. Low pressure is centered 250mls West South West of Cornwall, this is pushing North Easterly up the Irish Sea, deepening as it moves North Easterly. Pressure dropping to 983.1mb at 19.30hrs. Winds gusting to 35mph at 21.30hrs. Winds increasing to gale force 8 turning from a south easterly to westerly direction by 23.30hrs with pressure dropping to 979.7mb.Temp high 13c @ 22.30hrs, temp low 8.3c @ 00.30hrs. 16th Some clear periods after mid night, feeling very mild, but winds still to gale force 8. Taking a walk outside just after midnight, some small branches had been ripped from trees in the wind, and the golden leaves blown from the trees were fluttering through the air everywhere. Our anemometer on the roof is to a degree sheltered, but looking up the hillside to the Rowans on the tops I would estimate that my recording of gale force 8 was on the conservative side. By 02.00hrs the winds began to subside, and pressure started to build 987.6mb @ 02.30hrs. At 08.00hrs winds blowing at 12mph westerly, Temp 6.1c, with pressure continuing to rise. Remaining cloudy with a few sunny periods during the day. Becoming windy during evening, with some clear spells, with further rain at 23.00hrs, before clearing at midnight. 17th Winds turning easterly during early hours, with rain shower at 05.00hrs. Squally showers after dawn during morning, accompanied by winds gusting to 25mph. Pressure 983.8mb. Winds dropping during afternoon, and turning westerly, with a further heavy shower at 18.30hrs. Skies clearing with temperatures dropping. Rainfall so far this month 32mm. Temp high 7.8c @ 11.30hrs, temp low 2.3c @ 20.30hrs. 18th Windy with clear skies and temperatures remaining low (3.2c). Winds gusting to 25mph WSW. Ice pellet showers during morning, temperature 4.2c. Pressure rising to 1008mb with a wind chill 1c at 19.15hrs. Signs of snowfall to 2800ft on the mountains of Northern Snowdonia. Temp high, 6.7c @ 13.30hrs temp low 2c @ 20.30hrs. 19th Slight overnight ground frost with temp dropping to 1.8c. Showers this morning, heavy at times, with some sunny intervals. Further light snowfall evident on the mountains. Pressure dropping quickly from 13.00hrs, 1005mb to 996mb at 18.00hrs. Severe Gale Warning with Heavy Rain For North Wales, Conwy, Angelsey, and Gwynedd. Winds gusting to 55mph SW at Weather Station (18.00hrs), with heavy rain. Wind and rain rattling the window panes here, looks like we are in for some heavy weather. Not a night to be coming off the mountains late. Remaining very windy (SW) with heavy rain. Rainfall by midnight 16.8mm. Temp high 10.6c @ 23.30hrs, temp low 1.8c @ 07.00hrs. 20th Winds reducing to force 5 by 03.00hrs, and rain dieing out. Remaining windy during day, mainly cloudy with a few sunny intervals. Temperature dropping by 16.00hrs to 5.8c with a wind chill of 3.1c, winds gusting to force 5 SW, Pressure 992.8mb. Temp high 10.4c @ 01.00hrs, temp low 3.7c @ 23.00hrs. 21st Remaining windy overnight 29mph at 00.30hrs. Remaining windy during day with windchill of 0c @ 12.30hrs. Mainly cloudy with the odd sunny interval. Temperature rising by late afternoon to 6.4c (windchill 3.3c). Pressure 993.4mb. Temp high 6.4c @ 19.30hrs, temp low 3.6c @ 00.30hrs. 22nd Chilly overnight with some clear periods, and remaining windy. Cloudy during day with winds to force 5 westerly, with a light shower at 14.00hrs. Winds turning easterly during evening, and becoming chilly. Temp high 8.3c @ 17.00hrs, temp low 4.9c @ 07.30hrs. Pressure 981.9mb. 23rd Winds turning westerly by the early hours, becoming windy with heavy rain before dawn. We were woken by the rain pounding on the window panes. Remaining windy throughout day, with sharp gusting hail showers. Pressure 986mb. Temp high 10.3c @ 03.00hrs, temp low 6.8c @ 10.00hrs. 24th Clear skies overnight with temperatures dropping. Clouding over by dawn, with rain showers during the day. More prolong periods of rain overnight. Temp high 9.8c @ 17.00hrs, temp low 4.6c @ 07.00hrs.

Pressure droppping 26th Nov as Atlantic Low moves towards the UK

25th Remaining cloudy with a rain shower at 07.00hrs. Windy gusting to 23mph WSW by early afternoon. The cloud cleared by mid evening and the winds dropped as pressure began to rise. Temp high 9.9c @ 12.00hrs, temp low 6.3c @ 08.30hrs. Rainfall for month so far 71mm.

26th Clouding up during the early hours with rain, clearing by day break. Pressure continuing to rise with clear blue skies, and the odd cloudy period. Pressure rising to 1002.5mb by late afternoon. Pressure starting to drop by early evening as an Atlantic low pressure front moves towards the UK. Temp high 10.3c @ 14.00hrs temp low 5.9c @ 06.00hrs. 27th Becoming windy overnight with periods of heavy showers. Remaining cloudy during the day with the odd sunny spell. Cloud base remaining below 3000ft over mountains, with heavy prolonged rain showers. Temp high 11.3c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 8.4c @ 22.00hrs. 28th Heavy rain overnight, and windy. Cloudy and feeling cool in the wind during the day. Rain showers into the evening, with 11.4mm of rain during 24hr period. Temp high 9.5c @ 01.00hrs, temp low 5.1c @ 00.01hrs. A tornado hit Bow Street, nr Aberwystwyth during the early hours causing extensive damage to property, with winds in excess of 100mph. 29th Rain showers overnight, and during the morning. Remaining cloudy during the afternoon, with low cloud over the mountains. Pressure rising to 1020mb. Temp high 10.6c @ 17.00hrs, temp low 4.2c @ 00.30hrs

Sunrise November 30th 2006

30th Woke to the first beautiful sunrise of the winter, with the sky to the east a deep red. Windy overnight, and remaining windy throughout the day. Mainly cloudy but some clear periods during the afternoon, before the cloud thickened with rain and winds to force 7 by 21.30hrs. Pressure 1014mb at 07.30hrs falling to 1003mb by evening. Temp high 11.8c @ 13.00hrs, temp low 9.2c @ 06.00hrs.




December 2006

1st Windy overnight, with some clear sunny periods during the day with winds to force 6. Remaining mild but clouding up by 18.30hrs with rain showers during the evening. 2nd Windy with heavy squally showers at times, winds increasing with further rain by evening. Met Office Severe weather warning in place for areas including North Wales with heavy rain and winds to 80mph southerly by 21.00hrs to 06.00hrs tomorrow. Heavy rain into the evening with winds gusting to Force 8. Heavy rain continued to fall overnight into the 3rd with 23mm of rain falling between 23.30hrs and 07.00hrs. My annometer is below the top of the hillside, and from the damage to trees on the tops, I would estimate that Force 8 is a conservative estimate of the overnight wind speed. A number of branches had been torn from trees, and water was laying on the roads, and running off many of the fields. Temp high 8.3c @ 21.00hrs, temp low 4.8c @ 02.30hrs. 3rd Winds gusting to force 9, with heavy rain showers, giving 17.6mm of rain by 18.30hrs. Pressure falling to 981.5mb. Further rain and wind during the evening. Temp high 10.1c @ 03.30hrs, temp low 5.2c@ 06.00hrs. 4th Skies clearing by 06.00hrs, nice to see the countryside bathed in moonlight, and not rain for a change. Clouding over with further rain during the day. Remaining windy throughout the period to force 7 westerly. Rain causing further flooding and laying water on many of the local rural roads. Temp high 11.6c @ 00.30hrs, temp low 6.7c @ 03.30hrs. 5th Rain overnight with winds to force 7, continuing throughout the day, with some heavy squally showers and ice pellets. Temp high 11.1c @ 00.30hrs, temp low 6c @ 13.00hrs. Total rainfall for the first five days of December 62.2mm. 6th Remaining wet overnight and windy at times. Further rain during day, with winds and heavy showers, squally at times. Rain becoming continuous by evening, but the winds lessened. Temp high 9.1c @ 00.01hrs, temp low 5.1c @ 20.30hrs.

Flooded Farmland in the Conwy Valley nr the Conwy Valley Railway Line 15th December 2006

7th Further rain and strong winds overnight. With the fields unable to take anymore water, excess water is running into the lanes, causing further standing water on the lanes. The streams that run into the River Dulas and Conwy are in flood adding to the danger of flooding in the valleys. Heavy short squally showers during the day, with ice pellets, becoming more windy, gusting to force 8 by 18.30hrs. Rainfall for month 77.4mm. The rain has caused flooding in the Conwy Valley with many fields under water, and livestock has been moved to higher ground. Met Office Severe Weather Warning remains in place for the rest of this evening, with Flood Warnings. Temp high 9.9c @ 01.30hrs, temp low 6.1c @ 10.00hrs. 8th Remaining cloudy throughout period, with Ice Pellet showers from time to time. The clouds hugged the summits of the mountains throughout the day with poor visibility across the valley. Pressure 997.2mb at 04.00hrs, winds gusting to 25mph at 02.30hrs. Temp high 6.7c @ 00.30hrs, temp low 3.7c @ 19.30hrs. 9th Rain showers and heavy showers of Ice Pellets during morning, with winds reducing by mid day, and some clear periods by dusk, with temperatures dropping. Stars were visible in the night sky for the first time for a number of nights. Temp high 5.7c @ 11.30hrs, temp low 2.1c @ 00.01hrs, with a windchill of 0c @ 16.00hrs. 10th Winds increasing during the early hours, with further Ice Pellet showers. Winds to force 7 SW throughout day, with further mixed showers. Rainfall for month so far 92mm. Met Office Severe Weather Warning in place for further heavy rain and strong winds during the 24hr period. Temp high11.2c @ 23.30hrs, temp low 2.3c @ 00.30hrs. 11th Windy overnight with heavy prolonged rain (11mm of rain between 00.01hrs - 07.00hrs). Skies clearing by day break, with temperatures dropping in a strong southwesterly breeze, with a wind chill of 2c at 20.00hrs. Skies remaining clear with good visibility Flooding in the Conwy Valley nr Maenan 15th December 2006into the night skies. 12th Skies remaining clear overnight, with temperatures not dropping below 4c. Heavy rain showers between 10.00hrs and 12.30hrs, with winds to force 7 SW, and windchill to 3.2c. Drying up by the afternoon with pressure rising to 1012mb. Temp high 8.7c @ 13.30hrs, temp low 4.9c @ 03.30hrs. 13th Rain showers from 05.30hrs and 06.00hrs, with a further shower @ 07.30hrs. Winds to force 6. Winds increasing during the day to force 8 by the evening with further rain. Temp high 10.6c @ 00.01hrs, temp low 7.5c @ 01.00hrs. 14th Winds increasing overnight with winds gusting to force 8 WSW by 16.30hrs. Light rain during the early hours, then remaining cloudy throughout the day and evening. Temp high 12.3c @ 05.00hrs, temp low 6.7c @ 00.01hrs. 15th Winds receded by early hours and calm with heavy drizzle from 00.30hrs. Visibility poor at day break with visibility down to 400mts, improving during morning, but continued heavy drizzle throughout day. Flood warnings remain in force for the Conwy Valley. Weather Station has recorded 129mm of rain so far this month, compared with a months total of 43.9mm in 2005. Today's rainfall total is 22mm, with many streams and rivers in flood, and significant amounts of farmland flooded along the Conwy River. Temp high 6.8c @ 01.00hrs, temp low 2.4c @ 17.00hrs. 16th Clear skies overnight with the wind chill down to 0.5c @ 08.00hrs, but no sign of air or ground frost. With the cloud base just above the summits of the peaks of Northern Snowdonia a light overnight snowfall was visible on the tops of Foel Fras and Carnedd Llwellyn. Clear skies, and a little high cloud at the Weather Station, but much thicker cloud visible towards the mountains during the day. Temperatures dropping to 4c by early evening. Pressure 1091mb. After all the rain and winds of recent weeks, the sunshine and fresher temperatures were very welcome. Temp high 6.6c @ 12.30hrs, temp low 2.9c @ 05.30hrs.

17th Some breaks in the cloud at day break, but heavy cloud to the south of the Weather Station. Good periods of sunshine during the day, but clouding over at times. Temp high 6.6c @ 12.30hrs, temp low 4.1c @ 19.00hrs. 18th Clear skies overnight and during the morning with good periods of sunshine. Clouding over during the afternoon but remaining dry. Clearing after dark with good visibility into the night sky. Temp high 8.8c @ 12.30hrs, temp low 4.1c @ 00.01hrs. 19th With High Pressure stationary over the UK stopping Atlantic weather fronts moving into Wales, cool temperatures and fog are becoming part of the weather pattern. This morning a slight ground frost was evident, with fog laying in the valleys. There were good periods of sunshine throughout the day, with cloud and mist evident towards the mountains. Temp high 8.2c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 2.7c @ 06.30hrs. Pressure 1034.7mb. 20th Clouding up overnight, keeping temperatures above freezing, with no evidence of ground frost overnight. Sunny periods throughout the day, with some low lying mist in the valley. Clear skies after dark with temperatures dropping. Temp high 7.8c @ 13.00hrs, temp low 3.1c @ 00.30hrs. 21st Pressure 1037.3mb. Temperatures dropping to 1.8c at 07.30hrs. Heavy ground frost, thawing very slowly during the morning, with frost remaining in north facing pockets throughout the day. Fog is disrupting flights in and out of UK Airports, worst effected is Heathrow, with fog remaining throughout the last couple days. Temp high 7.3c @ 13.30hrs, temp low 1.1c @ 08.30hrs. 22nd Frost overnight with temp dropping to 2.3c @ 02.00hrs. Clouding up by day break, but clearing by 09.30hrs over the Weather Station, but remaining to the South all day. Mist remained over the River Conwy and surrounding fields, with smoke haze towards the mountains. Parts of the UK still suffering disruption due to fog. Temp high 8.4c @ 14.30hrs, temp low 2.3c @ 02.00hrs. 23rd Light overnight frost with temp dropping to 1.7c @ 05.00hrs, but temperature rising as cloud cover increased. Pressure 1037.9mb. Mist increasing at lunchtime with visibility dropping to 50yds by 16.00hrs, and temperature dropping rapidly to -1.7c @ 18.00hrs. Temp high 2.5c @ 00.30hrs, temp low -3.1c @ 20.30hrs. 24th Clear skies at dawn, but mist developing soon after dawn, with temperatures dropping to -2.3c @ 08.30hrs. The mist remained until 13.00hrs, with frost remaining all day. Temp high 3.1c @ 15.00hrs, temp low -2.3c @ 08.30hrs. 25th Overnight ground frost, with calm conditions and remaining misty. Light SSE wind cleared the mist at 13.00hrs, but cloud cover remained. Temp high 2.2c @ 14.30hrs, temp low -1.8c @ 01.00hrs. 26th With the High Pressure which has been centred over the UK recently, moving eastward, the mist has cleared, but cloud cover remains, giving a dismal feel to the weather. Temp high 2.7c @ 15.30hrs, temp low -0.1c @ 08.00hrs. 27th Remaining cloudy but temperatures increasing over those experienced in recent days. Cloud thickening with rain by 13.30hrs, heavy at times. Winds increasing to 22mph at 18.30hrs.. Temp high 8.2c @ 19.00hrs, temp low 0.4c @ 00.30hrs. 28th Starting cloudy, but clearing with good periods of sunshine, Pressure 1013.9mb. Clouding over by evening. Temp high 9.9c @ 12.30hrs, temp low 5.1c @ 19.30hrs. 29th Heavy rain and windy from 07.00hrs, with pressure dropping from 1008mb at 01.00hrs to 994mb at 16.00hrs. Wind to 32mph at 12.00hrs, with more heavy rain and strong winds expected this evening. Heavy rain and strong winds from 19.00hrs. Rain could be heard pounding on the windows, with winds howling around the house. Gales to Force 8 SE with 23mm of rain. Temp rising during the evening to 11.6c @ 21.30hrs, temp low 6.1c @ 01.00hrs. 30th Further rain and winds to Force 7 WSW at 07.30hrs, then becoming less windy with clear spells from 14.30hrs. Pressure 997mb at 10.30hrs. Winds increasing again by evening. to gale force 8, Temp high 10.1c @ 00.30hrs, temp low 5.3c @ 14.30hrs. Rainfall 5.6mm. 31st Morning begining clear, but cloud increasing by 10.00hrs, with winds increasing and heavy rain by 11.00hrs. Heavy rain and strong winds continuing until mid afternoon, then skies clearing but remaining windy, with winds increasing to force 9 WSW @ 18.00hrs on the hillside behind the Weather Station. Temp high 10.1c @ 14.00hrs, temp low 4.8c @ 00.01hrs. Pressure 995.3mb at 15.30hrs. Rainfall 8.2mm.