Rural Living

Cycling and Cycling Routes in North Wales.

Cycling brings sheer and simple joy with the satisfaction of being self sufficient, finding lanes and byways missed when traveling by car, and the opportunity to stop and talk at will.

Whenever I am in the Forest or Mountains my Trail Buddy Henry is with me. He is a Welsh Hill Collie, who can run all day. If we ride the Marin Trail in the Gwydyr Forest near Betws y Coed, some 23kms, he is still ready for more. The story of how Henry came to live with us is here





Whether it is riding to work, a day out, or touring, the peace and tranquility of the tracks and bye ways brings you closer to nature. My journey to work brings views of the mountains in their seasonal guises, the wildlife in the verges, and the buzzards gliding along the hedgerow or sitting on the telegraph poles. Thorn Raven Tour