The Postman, Dewi Sant and the confusion of Early Spring.

On St Davids Day (Gwyn Ddewi) our postman arrived with a large double daffodil in his button hole. Our discussion identified that the large yellow daffodil so proudly displayed had been plucked from a roadside verge early on his round. Although the said daffodil was magnificent I believe only the little wild daffodil that is native to Wales is really appropriate to St Davids Day.  There seems to be a prolification of the cultivated variety in the roadside verges and gateways around the local lanes although I know of very few locations that the native wild variety can still be found. Our daffodils started to bloom in mid February much early than usual and now on the 1st April we still have a lovely display, although sadly all of the cultivated varieties that we have planted over the year.

Cultivated Daffodil

The month of March has seen often dramatic changes in weather with heavy snowfalls on the mountains during the early part of the month followed by some glorious warm weather and blue skies in the third week. It has been downhill again towards the end of the month with heavy rain and some high winds. One of the benefits of such variable weather is that it seems to encourage the wild birds to the feeders. These have included Great Tits, Goldfinches, Pied Wagtails, Great Spotted Woodpecker together with our regular visitors.

So the month started off with the magnificence of the postmans St Davids Day daffodil with nature then allowing us to experience so much in one month. What more could one ask for.




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