The Refugee Crisis its a Crazy World

The Refugee Crisis its a Crazy World

There is a lot of controversy on the governments decision not to allow more unattended children into the UK. I understand that as a right thinking person I should see this as a wrong decision. We are not talking about children in refuge camps on the Syrian border. The UK government recognise these as “at risk” and continue to take a number of these, more than any other European country. We are talking about children already in European countries. As a right thinking person should I understand that children living with our European neighbours are not safe? Why should the UK be any safer than France, Germany, Netherlands or other European countries.

As a right thinking person should I not consider that by taking these children it will only encourage more children to attempt the journey with them being put at risk by criminal gangs trafficking them through Europe to the Channel Ports?

These children are going to need foster care on top of our councils commitment to find foster placements for those we are taking from the Syrian Border. It is already often difficult to find foster placements for our own child population in the UK where are all these new foster homes going to come from?

Before long these “children” will be beyond foster age. At present we often cannot offer the right level of support to children coming out of foster what will we be able to offer these “children” at this stage of their journey into adulthood? Who is going to pay, we are already told we do not have the money to properly fund the NHS, Education, The Prison Service,Council Services, Roads etc.

As a right thinking person I am also supposed to welcome refugees into our country. These are people that have already travelled through a number of safe European countries to get to the Channel Ports. The argument is put forward that we did the same in 1939 for the persecuted Jewish population of Europe. But hang on a minute at that time Europe was an unsafe place with the rise of Nazi Germany so we were probably the first safe haven. Also at that time our population was 41 million, it is now 63 million.

With a population of 63 million we have :- A housing crisis, Serious transport congestion, Prisons at bursting point, Hospitals that cannot cope, Councils that cannot cope, and an Infrastructure at breaking point. We are only a small island we cannot build more land.

We urgently need a plan to cope with our already ever increasing population, we owe this much to our children. As a right thinking person should I not consider that having even more people coming to this country we will create even greater problems.

Because of the democratic system we live in no government plans further than five years ahead, which is why we have no long term planning for anything, think about it. At the start of a five year term in office government will make unpopular decisions, by mid term that will start to make popular decisions in an attempt to bribe us into voting for them again. Just plaster over the cracks for another five years.

Perhaps as right thinking people we should take the longer view and base our right thinking views on what our heads tell us and not our hearts.

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